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The game was fine but, there are a few bugs like the UI rendering under buildings. 

cool, but can you beat this score

Great Game, Played 5 levels would play again 10/10

good game

I made this in two hours

Thanks  for the feedback

great game 10/10 

cool i would play that sounds fun

its in development, updates are coming soon.

not much,but I am expanding the games premise with Constructed which is in early access

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I based make game kinda off of roller coaster tycoon

try and recreate this

that is where i got the idea

thank you for your feedback

good game great art style

So much copyright infringement this is great

I don't know my random generation code is sh*t

i don't have a mac to test compatibility

I made a finite number of planks

it is bullet proof glass it might take a while

I woke up on Easter and it is snowing again

alpha version is the one in the trailer

good game

Thank you

2 player only, you need friends

The ad is for the full realese


you should chuck this on the play store

I think it should be possible to pay for a game with a  unclaimed payout

so $0 and 2 hours

Best game he has ever made

My game constructed:

we had the budget for a 7 second ad