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A member registered Jun 11, 2020

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any idea of a time frame for an official release because the game clearly has a lot of promise and i want to know when i can have a complete experienc?

hey I have restarted a couple times but everytime i get to the new years eve party i can't progress ithink the next part should be the outside section but i can't unlock it can any body tell me how?

sorry for getting back to you so late i was playing up to the point i was at in the new 0.9a vetion and i can seem to unlock the option to go to the street

the last story progress was the new years eve stuff but the most recent new scene is the strap on cum extraction

hey i think im stuck in a loop and can't progress what are the requremetns for alex to take the cage off because i can't seem to find anything else to progress.