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If you're looking of a music composer who is a fan of and has their finger firmly on the pulse of the music of the Castlevania series, I recommend Jeffrey Montoya. He did the music for the Migami CastleVania series. He's done remakes of the Konami soundtrack as well as original pieces for the Lecarde Chronicles. I saw in your comments that you don't consider yourself a professional composer, so I'm trying to help with that. I do think the music you've already done is interesting in it's own way. Maybe Jeffrey can work with you. Ok, fan boy out lol. Whatever works best. Thanks again.

Ok, keep up the great work! I know Migami had some struggle with it in Lecarde Chronicles 1. They opted to use the rope mechanic in the sequel. So it's sounds like you're not alone in that! I don't know if reaching out to Ed Findlay's aka Retrogamer3 could be of any assistance. I think he built his own game engine from the ground up. He did a Vania game of his own. He seems to have the stairs mechanic sorted out. Maybe he'd be happy to help. He's also got his own remake of CV 2 in the works. He's posted a couple videos on YouTube about it. If there's any chance of people being able to help people, I'm all for it. Both you guys are magicians! Thanks so much again for what you're doing.

2.1 Demo Thoughts:


- Graphics upgrade is very nice! Great use of color pallet!

- weapons options list is good! I guess that is a preview of what weapons the game night have? The Slappy Hand whip conquers all!That was funny!

- Going up stairs is smooth.


- I found it really hard to get my guy to go down stairs. He would eventually do it but finding the sweet spot to get him to latch onto the stair going down was difficult. I was using a Logitech 310 controller if that makes any difference.

That's all I have to give in terms of input. It really does look like you're making a great game overall. Are you guys familiar with The Lecarde Chronicles games by Migami? Those are some other great CastleVania fan games I recommend checking out.

Oh, ok! I'll try adjusting the settings! Thanks for responding!

Game looks great, but it's crashing when I open it and then the application icon disappears. Bummer dude!

You're doing a really great job. The balance of the game  - like the crossing between CV1 and CV2 - is probably what it should have been back when they made CV2. But hey, without the flawed original, who would have been inspired  to create a game like this one. Wishes of much success with this project. God bless.