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Doom + Dan eating tacos. Yes please.

This was actually pretty difficult! Well done, I enjoyed it.

This was pretty damn awesome. Really creative and executed super well!

This was pretty well written, bravo!

This was really cool! I wish I had someone to play it with me, but even just as 1 person it was great. Love the dancing sprites. I also appreciate the wide timing window (which didn't make it too easy, I actually failed the song). Good music too, did one of the team members make that track?

Very relaxing, good work!

This is pretty good! I like the instructions being on the sides of the screen at all times. Actually makes it easy to figure out what you're doing. Lots of devs forget to tell me how to play their game, so that's a good plus.

Only complaint is that the monster looks so happy and I feel bad beating it up :(

Nice work! I like the luchadeer sprite, and do you have the holes spawning randomly or did you pick their spawns? Works well, and I survived longer than I thought.