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Yup, all is made by me. The sounds were made using instruments in FL studio and were added the last 10 minutes. Thanks for your comment!

hahaa nice! this is just the sort of style I like

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Would it be possible to merge the jams to accept both themes? Would get messy for people who have already uploaded on this jam though.

Interesting concept! Last level was surprisingly tricky at first and felt rewarding to finish. Would love to see more of this!

Ah, yes, the strategy of a pure crocheteer!

oh god

Is this how a snake would hold a gun?

Cool multi-tasky idea, would love to see someone 100% this.

This is freaking weird. Nice!

Really makes one wonder why two dudes would be fighting in space.

Fun idea!

Unfortunately that is what the creators of this jam decided, so yeah, gamemaker is required.

This was probably done to make it more of an event for the gamemaker community over all.

At some points in the game, text would be too long and go beyond the size of my monitor. It'd be nice to have some kind of scrollbar!