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what is this exactly?

idk how but i got confused and thought this was a game but apparently not loooool but i still really liked the desings !!!! 

thanks!! <3

I mean my favourite character is kuriko, I just love her lol,, but NENDO IS JUST SO MFING FUNNY LMAO he is the comedy base of the anime nobody can't deny that lol (kaido is also just *chef kiss*) 

although senpai hasn't been added yet :(

BHAHAHAH lmaoo here you go fellows

same lmao

is there anyway to see the pictures without the dialoge box on top of it?? i would really like to see the full picyure lol

i really liked this game but the thing is that it took me A VERY LONG TIME to get the true ending like it was hard(? lol but it was really good

I have to admit it was quite fun lol loved the music loved nendou aaand thats pretty much it

i seriously LOVED this game like it was kinda fun and  i JUST LOVED how it looked!! also the end was really cute