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A member registered Jan 22, 2016

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Hello, I like the black and white style graphics, and atmosphere, but I think a few more levels, and make the clowns more active Like what SpeedTunerz said would be nice.

My BitChute Playthrough:

Suicide Lab? Peridium Playthrough (No Commentary)

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My BitChute Playthrough:

I must've opened the wrong file. File Playthrough (No Commentary)

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My BitChute Playthrough:

No, I'm not cozy! Cozy Playthrough (No Commentary)

Great Novel game. There aren't that many good ones out there, but this one's a win.

Good update. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the game.

The game works fine using the itch.io client.

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Link added.

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My Playthrough:

Video Link: Lost Phone Simulator! Sara Is Missing -WINE- Playthrough (No Commentary)

Album Link: My Miscellaneous Game Playthroughs (No Commentary)

Was pretty scary, works in Wine Linux. I like how there's multiple endings. Nice job.

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My Vidme Playthrough:

Moar Jumpscares! Timore Inferno -WINE- Playthrough (No Commentary)


My Timore Playthroughs (No Commentary)

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My Playthrough:

Video: I'm Still Here Playthrough (No Commentary)

Album: Miscellaneous Game Playthroughs (No Commentary)

Despite the mouse sensitivity being very slow, good game.

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Nice Teeth! V.H.S. Video Horror Story -WINE- Playthrough (No Commentary)

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Digging the concept :D.

It was the opposite for me, incredibly slow.