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Jagjot Singh

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Hey! I loved it :D

I was wondering if I can use your art in my project ? I will give you credits :)

Good job mate :D

Unfortunately i was unable to vote for you but you have done a great job :D

i would suggest to add a soothing color of green to the grass and a little bit of work on the visulas  will be great :D

Thanks Guys for the honenst rewiews :D

I will definately do better, gonna make a part 2 of this game

i've ranked 73 in the idea ^_^

I hope you will play its 2nd part alse :D

Thanks Again :)

Definately! Thanks for the support :D

thanks bro :D

Hey! I wanted to know that did your windows defender showed you warning after you run the .exe ? Cuz when I tested to run the .exe, my windows defender automatically deleted it.

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thanks for your advice man, i will make it again in godot, planning to add particles, darkness, torches, enimies, collectables and many more. Thanks again :D


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Bro! Thats really satisfying! I rated 5 in everything. really nice concept and you can develope it further, BEST WISHES TO YOU :D

hehe, Thanks for the reply  :)

BTW my exams were comming close so I made it hard to complete so that i can add other levels in future :D

thats what i need! can i us it for my game 

cannot get out of 2nd level lol, BTW nice game bro :D

OMG! thats Ultra-Noice! i like the minimal theme. Can i use it in my project ?