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Posted in Crashes often


Is it a specific stage? Or all of them? I'll investigate!

Just gotta destroy your minions on your terms! ;D

I don't think so. At least that is what I believe happened. I summoned a pet right after I got the upgrade. He was killed by the Cereberus boss and it spawned an ember. I used the ember and it healed me. If I recall correctly, this happened in the arena. 

BUG ALERT. This is not intentional and has been fixed now. I'll add a small update in the next few days addressing this.

Glad to hear the changes are moving things in the right direction!

When I started the game out it asked me who I want to be, I chose the sorcerer but then suddenly saw I had about 136 or so gold. Not sure if that was intended or left over from a previous save I had. 

I think maybe the HTML version now saves progress? I don't know. I'm not going to pretend to understand the HTML module hehe.

I love the idea of the arena! Absolutely love it. 

That's great! I wanted to bring it back from the previous version. They'll be leaderboards (when I figure them out) and it'll keep a record of your top score. Rarer items will also be unlocked through it.

But the potion of healing didn't drop despite finishing the quest where it dropped. 

Ah yea this is a bug. I changed the layout of the Arena and that removed the Potion spawning. It'll be in the next build.

I like the new swap places ability but I haven't yet to solve that puzzle quest yet. 

Excellent! I don't want them to be too easy ;)

Now fire damage does same damage on fire mobs and they get burn. I would suggest either reduce damage by 50% or eliminate burn. So they can't be burned. I wasn't able however to test whether burn damages them or heals them since they die fast and the boss already had burn on him (not by me) so I wasn't sure if it works or not. 

Burns do heal them for sure. I thought about reducing Fire damage to them but I feel that might be overkill even though it makes perfect sense thematically. Hmm.

Once you get burn heal + summon + ember you are pretty much a damage machine that doesn't die all that easily any more. 

Good to know! Just to note: Fire Elementals don't drop Embers to heal other units if they are destroyed by enemies. I'm hoping that rewards careful play. Thank you for taking a look! :D [29.05.2017]


  • All levels unlocked for testing after the tutorial.
  • Increased level cap from 10 to 14.
  • Bosses now gain +1 Rage at the end of their turn.
  • Bosses now always use Rage ability at 3 Rage.
  • Scorched units are now weak to Frost skills.


  • The Sorcerer has been tweaked.


  • Mini bosses now have 15 health
  • There now is a Potion of Healing on the ground at the start of the Arena.
  • When an Arena stage is completed, AP and skills are refreshed.
Created a new topic Sorcerer Update
(Edited 1 time)

Hello! I've made some changes to the Sorcerer.

Here are the current card upgrades available for the Sorcerer. 


Notable changes include improvements to the Summon Elemental skill and now Scorched enemies take extra damage from Frost skills (Blizzard). This should make it a bit easier to complete the Scorched stages. Fire Elementals are now also vulnerable to Blizzard (they're Fire after all!) but they now have a ranged skill so they can be kept out of the way.

After the tutorial, all 9 stages unlock so you can test to your heart's content!

Next up is a Barbarian, then the Cleric.

Any feedback on the changes would be appreciated! [29.05.2017]


  • All levels unlocked for testing after the tutorial.
  • Increased level cap from 10 to 14.
  • Bosses now gain +1 Rage at the end of their turn.
  • Bosses now always use Rage ability at 3 Rage.
  • Scorched units are now weak to Frost skills.


  • The Sorcerer has been tweaked.


  • Mini bosses now have 15 health
  • There now is a Potion of Healing on the ground at the start of the Arena.
  • When an Arena stage is completed, AP and skills are refreshed.

0.0.45 [21.05.2017]


  • Added 4 New stages. There are now 9 in the game.
  • The stage select screen has been redesigned.
  • Summoned units now have set stats. They are not based on the summoner’s Power.


  • Blood Strike healing has been halved.
  • Whirlwind is now a common Card instead of Uncommon.


  • Soul Ripped units with less than 1 Movement now have 1 Movement when copied.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed AI melee units moving to incorrect tiles.
  • Sacrifice now correctly targets self.
  • Picking up items properly removes previous charges in the item slot.
  • Fallen Shielded units are not destroyed if they are damaged and have a Shield.

0.0.44 [05.05.2017]


  • Due to many class changes, data has been wiped.
  • The tutorial has been tweaked and new tutorial dialogues have been added.
  • Added the Cleric: A defensive caster that rips the soul from enemies, creating copies of them.


  • Improved speech boxes.
  • Added confirmation dialogues.
  • Added a wipe data button.
  • General asset updates and UI tweaks.


  • Added +1 Power to summoned minions.
  • Altered the Lich fight.
  • Consume Fallen doesn't increase Power above 5.
  • Consume Corpse now heals for less.
  • Consume Corpse doesn't increase Health past 15.
  • The Cleaver now has Whirlwind instead of Strike.
  • Raise Fallen now has 1 Charge.
  • Raise Fallen now only targets allies.

Bug Fixes

  • The turn is not auto-skipped if there is an item visible.
  • The Lich now doesn't gain Rage if fallen.
  • Allies now don't drop items.
  • Items now appear above Frosted tiles.
  • The Hero now does not drop items.
  • Skill information is now shown for used skills.
  • Fixed auto-end turn animation issues.

0.0.43 [28.04.2017]


  • The player's turn is automatically passed if no unit can perform an action.
  • Stages now unlock a harder mode that give more rewards once completed.
  • Added a new secret Stage.
  • A new secret item has been added:
    • Potion of Healing: Heal yourself 5 health. 2 Charges.
  • The Gold cap has been removed.
  • The maximum Hero level is now 10. No cards can be purcahased after this.


  • Added a new UI mode used for smaller screens where skills are displayed on the left of the screen. This mode can be toggled on and off via the World Map.
  • Added various UI animations.
  • Updated the skill information panel.
  • Your hero's level is now displayed in Junk's Store.


  • Burns no longer cause Bosses to gain +1 Enrage.
  • Enemies now have a chance to drop Sacks of Gold.
  • Fallen units now give Gold if they are consumed.

0.0.42 [20.04.2017]


  • Save data has been wiped due to added cards (see below).
  • The Gold cap is now 199.
  • The location of units not revealed by the Fog Of War are now shown. Other details remain hidden.
  • An accompanying .png has been made to explain the UI before this is added into the game. You can find it here. http://imgur.com/Q5TiQF5


  • New damage and healing assets have been added.


  • Summoning Skills (Summon Elemental, Summon Brawler) now can only be used 2 times per Stage.
  • The Sorcerer now has 15 Upgrade Cards (up from 10).
  • The Barbarian now has 18 Upgrade Cards (up from 12).


  • Spectres no longer Burn enemies.
  • The Lich Stage has been tweaked.
(Edited 1 time)

0.0.41 [18.04.2017]


  • The Android alpha is now available for testing.
  • The windows .exe file is now available for testing.
  • Prices of cards are now shown in the shop and vary on the rarity of the card.
  • Bosses are now repeatable for testing.
  • Gold is no longer deducted when a mission is failed.


  • Added the second Boss: The Lich.
  • Rat Mages now have 1 Health instead of 2 Health.


  • Added an Exit Button to the World Map on Desktop.
  • Added Fullscreen Toggle Button to World Map on Desktop.
  • Added Sound Toggle to World Map.

I can confirm that the save file gets caught in Brave's cookie blocking software - disabling it for the site allowed it to work as intended.

Have you played any other HTML5 games that use saving with Brave? I'd be curious as to if they work was well!

Thank you for bringing this up :D

Replied to ItchyGamer in Odd loop?

Thank you for the feedback! So strange as I'm using Chrome and it works fine. Could be based on settings. I think I'll supply a .exe for those having trouble with HTML5 until I get a fix.

The save files probably get caught in Brave's security.

I'll do further research to see how this might be avoided if at all possible :) I'll ask around the GameMaker community!

Ah interesting - thank you for your feedback man! :D

I'll look into changing the save format and see if that works with Brave if it's not too hard to do :)

Hmmm man that's very strange as the next stage should unlock as soon as you enter Junk's Shop. When you exit Junk's Shop it should be there!

What's the screen you see when you load the game again? Is Junk's Shop unlocked at least?

It may be that for some reason the save function isn't working. What browser are you using?

Posted in Odd loop?

Hello there!

Currently it should go: Tutorial -> Visit Junk / Purchase upgrade -> Complete Sewer Clean-Up -> (Purchase new upgrade if enough Gold) -> King Gloob -> Undead Round-Up.

It's possible to play Sewer Clean-Up and Undead Round-Up multiple times for extra Gold and upgrades if a Boss is too difficult.

Sewer Clean-Up and Undead Round-Up each should have 3-6 units in each stage.

When all of the enemies are defeated in a stage, the Gold you acquire there is saved and the next stage is unlocked.

This shows the basic gameplay loop with a very limited selection of stages and randomisation. I plan on adding more random elements and challenges for replayability in the future :)

Do you have access to all of these stages?

Created a new topic Alpha Patch Notes and Feedback
(Edited 5 times) [10/04/2017]


  • World Map functionality has been added where the player can choose Stages to play.
  • The first 4 Stages can be unlocked on the World Map and played through:
    • An Odd Job: Tutorial level where the player chooses their class.
    • Sewer Clean-Up: A randomised repeatable stage. Gives Gold.
    • King Gloob: The first boss.
    • Undead Round-Up: A randomised repeatable stage. Gives Gold.
  • Upgrade cards can now be purchased through Junk's Shop with Gold.
    • New upgrades can be shown at the cost of Gold if the player wants something different.
  • Gold, unlocked stages and upgrade choices are now saved between sessions.
    • (Note: All data can be erased by pressing 'Delete' on the World Map screen for testing purposes)


  • Several class upgrades have been removed temporarily until a future update due to code restructuring.
    • The Sorcerer currently has 10 starter cards.
    • The Barbarian currently has 12 starter cards.

0.0.35 [27.01.2017]



  • Bosses now spawn on visible tiles.
  • All other enemies are destroyed when a boss is defeated.
  • Frozen tiles now cause units on them to have -1 Movement.
  • Frozen tiles now cost +1 Move to travel to.
  • Frozen tiles now last 3 turns instead of 4.
  • Fallen units now fade after 2 turns.


  • Elementals are now Fireborn and are healed by Burns.
  • Removed Howling Winds card.

New Mechanics

  • Rage: Some units gain Rage to use on powerful abilities.

King Gloob

  • Now has Rage.
  • Gains +1 Rage when damaged.
  • At 3 Rage, King Gloob splits into smaller Gloobs.


  • Ghouls gain +1 Power when they consume a Fallen unit.
  • New Unit
    • Cleaver
      • Gains +1 maximum Health when they consume a Fallen unit.

Bug Fixes

  • Capped screenshake to avoid jerkiness.
  • The camera now doesn't move when cards are showing.
  • AI units now move to better targets.

0.0.34 [20.01.2017]



  • Added a Hint box.
  • Re-arranged enemy spawns.
  • New Mechanics
    • Frozen tiles: Units on Frozen tiles can't move.
    • Scorched tiles: Units on Scorched tiles take damage.


  • New Boss
    • King Gloob: Spawns Small Gloobs when damaged that deal area damage.


  • New Cards
    • Legendary
      • Bitter Cold: Units hit by Blizzard have their tile Frozen.

0.0.33 [10.01.2017]



The maximum number of units the player can have at one time is now 3 instead of 4.

  • The game will now cycle through 4 music tracks.
  • New Mechanics
    • A level up mechanic has been added.
    • When enough enemies have been defeated, the player draws 3 Cards from the Class Deck and chooses one to improve their character.
    • Each Card has a rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary) and a unique bonus. They can:
      • add New Skills
      • improve existing Skills
      • increase character damage and health
      • and more!
  • The Sorcerer class has been added! She comes with her own deck to draw from. The new Cards are listed below.


  • New Cards:
    • Common
      • Blizzard: Deal damage to an enemy and all units near it.
      • Teleport: Move up to 2 tiles away. Ignores obstacles.
    • Uncommon
      • Ignite: Your Fire Ball now has an 80% chance to Burn instead of 40%
      • Little Snowflakes: Allies now take half damage from Blizzard.
      • Unbound: Your summoned Elementals gain +1 Movement.
      • Focus: Gain +1 Power.
      • Underdog: Gain +3 Power while you have 5 or less Health.
      • Summon Elemental: Summon an Elemental to fight for your team.
    • Rare
      • Combust: Your Burns deal double damage.
      • Unstable Teleport: Your Teleport now deals damage to all units nearby the target.
      • Sorcerer's Will: Gain +5 Maximum Health.
    • Legendary
      • Energize: Your maximum AP is now 3 instead of 2.
      • Large Chest: Gain +100 Gold. (Not fully implemented)


  • AI units no longer target Doodads (Torches, Barrels etc.)

Bug Fixes

  • Heal text is no longer shown if the unit is not visible.
  • Unit's can no longer be healed 0 health.
  • Doodads can no longer be Burnt. [12.01.2017]


  • UI tweaks.
  • Asset updates.
Updated Fireball


  • New Cards:
    • Rare
      • Fireborn: Burns now heal you instead of dealing damage.
      • Howling Winds: Units hit by Blizzard have -1 AP next turn.
    • Legendary
      • Warp: Teleport now has 8 range instead of 2.


  • Gremlins and Hounds are now Fireborn and heal from Burns. [15.01.2017]


  • Added screenshake.
  • Tidied up a few assets.

New Mechanics

  • Gold: Enemies now drop Gold.
  • Mulligan: Players can spend Gold to redraw Cards from their deck.

Bug Fixes

  • Animations now sync with each other once again.
  • Dazed units now move the correct distance.

0.0.32 [05.01.2017]



  • Unit stats have been tweaked.
  • The Torch Doodad now has a death animation.
  • Added a bounce animation to targets when damaged.
  • New Mechanics
    • Explosive Barrel: Deal damage to an Explosive Barrel to deal damage to all units nearby.Revenge Buff: If a unit has Revenge, the next damage it would take is instead reflected to all enemies nearby.


  • Radiance: Now has a placeholder animation.
  • New Skills
    • Revenge: Gain Revenge. The next damaging skill on this unit is prevented and the damage dealt to all nearby enemies instead.


  • AI units can now be flagged as Ranged.
  • Ranged units will move away if there are enemies nearby and will avoid moving next to enemies.


  • The unit UI has been revamped (see above).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where all skills would become unusable.
  • The Knight is no longer flagged as Undead.
  • Descriptions of skills will now show even if they cannot be used.
  • Radiance no longer deals damage to Doodads. [06.01.2017]


  • The Arena is now bigger.

New Mechanics

  • Burn: If a unit has Burn, it will take damage at the end of its turn for 3 turns or until it is removed.


  • Fire Ball: Now has a 40% chance to Burn the target.
  • New Skills
    • Exorcise: Remove a random Debuff from an ally and give it to a random enemy nearby.
    • Death Coil: Deal damage to an enemy. Deals more damage if the target has unspent AP.

Bug Fixes

  • The skill description box now covers unit Health.
  • Fixed a hit-box issue for skills.
  • Fixed AI moving too quickly.
  • Damage text is no longer shown if a unit is hidden.

0.0.31 [23.12.2016]



  • Players are taken to an arena to face against The Lich boss who summons random Undead.
  • Teams may only have a maximum of 4 units at a time.
  • All unit animations are now synced together.
  • New Mechanics
    • The Fallen State: Undead units enter the Fallen state instead of dying. Deal damage to a Fallen unit to kill it for good!


  • Added new icons for several skills.
  • New Skills
    • Radiance. Heal a damaged ally and deal that as damage to enemies near it.
    • Lance. Deal damage and pass through target if able. Reset Lance if a unit is killed in this way.
    • Summon Ghoul: Spawn a Ghoul for your team.
    • Raise Fallen: Enable a Fallen unit to fight again.
    • Consume Fallen. Destroy a Fallen unit and heal yourself fully.


  • Enemy AP is no longer shown.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various skill description typos.
  • Heal no longer targets Doodads.
  • AI units should now use all available skills if they have a target.

0.0.30 [16.12.2016]



  • Movement cost is now shown on move-able nodes.


  • Added torches which can be controlled with Fire-based skills.
  • Some dialogue has been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Buttons are now displayed above unit information.
  • Fixed a bug with Teleport Skill.
  • Skill Buttons can now be toggled by clicking them.

Initial Alpha Release

0.0.29 [10.12.2016]



  • Four tutorial stages are in the game to guide players through the basics.
  • They aim to teach moving and using skills and also act as a prelude to the main story.
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Hey man!

I'm looking to add some more movement options for the Barbarian as he feels a bit clunkier to control. For example there's a new upgrade called "Charge" which gives the Barbarian +1 AP when he moves next to an enemy. This allows him to more easily move and attack.

They'll be substantial changes all-round in the next update! Excited to implement them :)

(Edited 1 time)

Nice one! :D

A game over screen is in the works! As well as a scoring system (and an online leaderboard for Android eventually).

There are lots of upgrades still to implement. The current Sorcerer deck of cards is probably about half complete. For the 1.0.0 release, I'll have three classes with different abilities and upgrades: The Sorcerer, the Barbarian and the Cleric.

I plan for every class to have an ally skill. For the Sorcerer, it's a fire elemental. For the Barbarian, he'll call upon a random brawler to help him and the Cleric will mind control enemies to his team and each of these will have their own upgrades for them as well.

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far!

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Last week I posted on the weekly Feedback Friday thread over on the gamedev subreddit. Feedback is essential for moving my game foward! Taking on criticism is often difficult but taking it on board is a skill I'm refining and getting much better at. Because of this I welcome any and all feedback I get – the rough and the smooth.

I got a fair few comments last week and managed to extract a good amount of criticism to work with:

  • Destructible rocks were good apparently.
  • Good feedback on the music by Spiff Tune.
  • Too much text in the tutorial.
  • The mimic spawning on the first chest gave a player a bad time.
  • Someone liked the colour options.
  • One person died on the first stage.
  • Tutorial was bad. Someone didn't know what Shards and such were.
  • The game feels somewhat polished.
  • One person stopped at stage 8 before getting bored and quitting.
  • Looks awful on high definition screens and resolutions.

Thoughts on the Feedback

Lets have a look at some things that stood out to me and how I can fix them!

  • Looks awful on high definition screens and resolutions.

A few users were kind enough to supply screenshots from their devices. This was great! I got to see how truly terrible it looks.

Nexus 9 ANexus 6 A

This is a difficult one for me to address because I don't have a high definition monitor or any new Android devices. So I can't rapidly view changes on the fly to make sure things look OK. Regardless, I need to fix this! It's going to put a lot of testers off.

I plan to update the assets to scale with the screen's width. I'll have LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH user interface assets. I'll try updating the fonts, dialogue windows and buttons to scale better.

  • Tutorial was bad. Someone didn't know what Shards and such were
  • Too much text in the tutorial.

Another valid criticism. The previous tutorial was tacked on and overly wordy. I'm going to try a "less is more" approach here and add contextual tool-tips. I don't want the player to be sitting and reading for ages before they can do something.

  • One person stopped at stage 8 before getting bored and quitting.

Pacing is something I've been trying to get right and if someone wasn't engaged at stage 8 I feel I've don't something wrong here and the pace is too slow. Currently, the format is something like this:

  • Stage 1 – 3 total enemies, 2 new enemy types
  • Stage 2 – 3 total enemies, 1 new enemy type
  • Stage 3 – 3 total enemies, 1 new enemy type
  • Stage 4 – 4 random enemies from before
  • Stage 5 – Boss

To increase the pace and keep things fresh I'm changing this to:

  • Stage 1 – 3 total enemies, 2 new enemy types
  • Stage 2 – 3 total enemies, 1 new enemy type
  • Stage 3 – 4 random enemies, 1 new enemy type
  • Stage 4 – Boss

This means bosses will come around quicker and a new enemy type is shown every stage. It does mean I'll eventually have to create more unique enemies to hit my 50 Stage goal for release but that's not so bad. We'll see how this does!

  • The Mimic spawning on the first chest gave a player a bad time.

This was an interesting one! The player in question self admitted not liking these sorts of tactics games and when he got ambushed by the Mimic enemy from the first chest he looted, I feel this was his last straw and he was scared to pick up any other chests. Admittedly it's not very new-user friendly for that situation to happen. I made a sneaky change to only allow Mimics to spawn after 2 chests had been successfully looted to avoid making new players think chests were bad things.

The Mimic Causing Havoc

The Mimic


I've got a lot of changes to make for the next feedback session! I'm hoping I can at least get the resolution changes up and running for this Friday and the rest for the Friday after.

If you'd like to try the Android version, you can here and you can download the desktop version through my itch.io page.

If you have any feedback let me know!

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I'd really like to push for an open release in the next few months so I'm adding features and polishing as I go!

This week I made it so the player can choose a beneficial bonus as they play through. It looks something like this:

The crunch is on! :D

Patch Notes for 0.0.18 [25.01.2016]


  • Portals to different enemy types are now unlocked for testing purposes.
  • Player units no longer can move freely after clearing a stage.


  • Added a game over screen.
  • Added speech support for units.
  • Minitips are shown less.


  • AI units are more likely to attack ranged units than melee units.
  • Goblins have been redesigned.
  • Units on Marked tiles take 50% more damage from all sources.


  • Marks an enemy tile.
  • Summons an Auto-Turret.


  • Deals ranged damage.
  • Destroys an empty Marked tile.


  • Damages an enemy and heals that amount.


  • Now steals Gold equal to the damage dealt instead of a Shard


  • Deals ranged damage.
  • Marks an enemy tile.

Bug Fixes

  • The Small Health Potion is no longer selected by default.
  • Banshees can now move when trapped.
  • The Move skill is no longer automatically selected when using Matter Switcher or Mixer Upper.
(Edited 2 times)

Patch Notes for 0.0.17 [12.01.2016]


  • Added mini tips to highlight points of interest.
  • Players can choose 2 items before a new game instead of 1.
  • New Main Menu and Options assets.
  • Added new Blessings:
    • Leader: If you have a full team, deal 30% more damage.
    • Commander: Your maximum team count is 4 instead of 3.
    • Sadist: Whenever an Ally dies, heal 30% life.
    • Fool Hardy: You take 50% less damage while below half health but 30% more damage if above it.


  • Marked tiles are now no longer consumed by Goblin abilities.
  • After 25 Stages, 3 Bosses are spawned instead of 2. Hard mode!
  • Add new boss: Goliath Siblings.
  • Added new Units
    • Goblin Mechanic: Summons Turrets that Mark tiles.
    • Goblin Bruiser: Heals self and Slows units on Marked tiles.


  • Pummel 35% chance to Stun instead of 25%.
  • Concussion also adds a +15% chance for Pummel to Stun.
  • Blood Ritual now heals 50% of damage and heals allies instead of 30%.
  • Cornered now requires 3 enemies instead 4 to get the 50% damage bonus.
  • Brawl has a 35% to Stun instead of 50% chance to Slow.


  • Ignite increases chance to burn by 25%.
  • Ground Freeze has a 50% Slow chance instead of 70%.


  • Judge deals 100% more damage to Undead instead of 50%.


  • Ring of Expulsion no longer requires a Shard.
  • Bandage 30% health instead of 20%.
  • Shiny Mirror no longer requires a Shard.

Bug Fixes

  • Bosses now properly drop portal items.

In fact, the name probably should change. But anyway!

This is my turn based tactics game! I've been working on it part time for a while now.

Jaggy Battles started out something like this:

I wasn't sure with what direction to go here but have come to something like this:

I have several recent articles I've published. I'll put the links here but will update this thread with more information when I release more!

Introduction to Enemies - The Rats

Introduction to Enemies - The Undead

Introduction to Items - Starting Items

Feedback would be welcome!

(Edited 1 time)

Hello! I'm working on a turn based tactics game! It's in alpha but you can play it in your browser, sign up for the Android alpha or download it from the lovely itch.io :)

Alternatively you can just watch me talk through what I have here!