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I used godot to make this, but it would have been a lot easier to do it in an engine with particle collisions, cos then I could just send out a bunch of particles that collide with terrain instead of having a load of raycasts

Absolutely love this, my favourite of all the games I've tried so far. Really like the slow dissolve effect you've used

Love the art style, and the way enemies glow. Also good use of audio

Damn this hurts to lok at in a good way. Shame there's no goal though, maybe some kind of collectible might have improved it?

Everytime the player pings, it traces some rays to get the distance to all of the different colliders around. It uses this to build a mesh like this , with collisions coloured white the closer to the surface, and grey if there was no surface in range. Then it's just a shader which only colours in pixels if they are either in a expanding ring from the center, or if the ring has passed them and the pixel was white.

The better way of doing this would just be to use a particle system that has no gravity, is emitted all at once, and collides with the terrian, but Godot doesnt have particle collisions yet, and i couldnt be bothered learning a new engine

This was suprisingly super fun for such a simple game! Small tip though, it'd be nice if you could have uploaded the game as an actual game, so that people dont need to download the html.

Fun game, love the art style

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Absolutely love this concept! I dont have the hearing to actually finish the game, but it's still very cool

Oops, you're right, just fixed it. Anyway, i love your game, the idea of an audio only game is so cool.

The way the effect works is pretty simple, it just does a bunch of raycast to generate a mesh which is coloured so that where it hits platforms it's white, and then just does some shader magic to generate the rings, based off the mesh

Sound only plays from my left headphone in this specifically for me, which is more infuritating than not having sound at all. 

I wont rate this yet to give you a chance to fix it, since apart from that this is an excelent game.

Im guessing this is some kind of graphics driver problem, so I've reuploaded the game using OpenGLES 2 instead of OpenGLES 3, which might fix it.

Thanks for taking your time to help me troubleshoot this :)

Thats odd. What version of Firefox and chrome where you using, what operating system are you on, and what device are you using?