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To me, you could have two players working together to clear as many stages as they can. This would mean that you need to make more levels, or edit existing ones, but you could also add a co-op feature to levels, so that you could do workshop levels in co-op. How this would work would be to have one map from one player's selection of co-op levels that they've made or downloaded, and play that one, then do the same thing with the other, and keep rotating. You could do something with more players using this method as well, just have randomly selected order for what maps they have. If they don't have any levels for bronze, or whatever difficulty they're on, then they would just do normal levels until they have a workshop level for the difficulty.

Not modding, physically changing the files. For example, you copy your custom model, then paste it into the folder with the original file, like the MK 4 swordbot. Then, you delete the MK 4 swordbot model, and you have your own custom model for the MK 4 swordbot in your own game.

Inserting a custom model to replace the original model is what I mean. I already have the models.

I've been making some models and I wanted to try and replace some models. However, I couldn't find anything that related to changing models. If anyone knows how to change models/textures, please tell me.

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Thanks! I've tried to post images with links already. Maybe it's because I'm just taking them from the file and dropping them into the search browser? Either way, they don't work. I'll try with steam instead :D Also, I just modified the Mk 1 sword robot to be double the size, then replaced the left arm with a cannon, and made a projectile. Then I made two different projectiles for the Mk 2 and recolored the Mk 1 brute to make the Mk 2.

Cool idea! I would like to see it in game!

So, I've been making some models when I made two things: The Mk 1 Brute, and the Mk 2 Brute. (Sorry I don't have pictures, but I can't seem to upload them somehow) Both the Mk 1 and Mk 2 brute have Mk 2 archer AI, and they both are slower than hammer-bots, and twice the size of a Mk 1 sword-bot. When they aim their giant cannon, (Left hand) they stop moving, wait a few seconds, and fire. The Mk 1 fires three of the same projectiles, each at different speeds. One at arrow speed, one at twice arrow speed, and one at three times arrow speed. The Mk 2 fires a single projectile that sends out "mini" versions of itself when it detonates.  There will be more brutes coming soon!

I have some stuff for you aware!

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So, I had an idea, but I don't really know what the stats should be (For once!). here's a picture of it: Ghostling pic So, the link doesn't work. IDK how to fix it. If anyone knows, please tell me.

New Ideas! Trooper edition bots! There are four kinds of troopers, Tech troopers, Aqua Troopers, Lava Troopers, and sky troopers. Each trooper class has four ranks, Scout (Melee), Solider (Melee), Ranger (Ranged), and sniper (Ranged). There are also special ranks witch I will talk about later.

Tech troopers can "Blink" or teleport around, and are the second most dangerous trooper type. They can mess with your movement and abilities, making them extremely dangerous. They appear as a white robot with blue "Power areas" that you need to destroy to kill the robots. Tech have swords as scout and solider rank, but rangers and snipers have laser emitters (Or laser cannons).

Aqua troopers only appear in areas with water, and look like Mk 1 robots with propellers instead of jet packs. The scout and soldiers have tridents for weapons, while rangers and snipers have harpoon weapons. They are the least dangerous.

(Note: there will be more coming. I have very little time, so I'll have to come back to this.)

I tried to make a model of it, didn't come out as well as I liked, but it's just my first draft :D I'll take care of the secure-o-bot model.

Fine, you don't have to yell. Also, are you done with the secure-o-bot model?

The lava thing could work like this: Once you defeat those enemies assigned to the lava, the lava starts to rise, and you need to defeat the other enemies to lower the lava.

sure, but only if you tell me what you're using ;D

That looks cool, although it was a joke :D


Bullet-bot.  It's like a bullet bill, only it's a robot bullet, that follows you, and cuts you up.

That's awesome! thanks!

Okay,  just a normal robot idea, but...


No, I'm not kidding. It's literally just a robot that punches you. That's it.

That would be awesome! Maybe have whatever is emitting the laser have a low humming sound when active, or before it activates?

The reason the robots go stiff is because the motors stop. When there is no input for the motors, the motors lock into place, unless they're a hinge motor, in which case the motors rotate freely. I'm guessing that they're using normal motors though.

The concepts are pretty good, but the clothing one is kinda meh. Remember, this is a robot world, they don't wear cloths.

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Or you could make Centa-tron Mk1! :D (Shameless self advertisement FTW)

Okay, so I was browsing the posts when I came across an ice related post, so I had some ideas.

Icy-bot (Sword bot)

Whenever it hits something it freezes the area around the sword. This area will be permanently frozen, and the ice will slowly eat at the frozen voxels, one at a time.

Shock-bot (Archer bot)

The shock-bot's arrows will stun anything for a short period of time, but won't destroy voxels.

(I know people have come up with similar ideas, I'm just expanding a bit.)

I like Teodorp99's post, maybe it would have stages, mine, lvl1 takes 1 bar each second, one bar two seconds for lvl2, then Teodorp's idea.

Also, what are you using to make these models for the robots?

Thanks! The Centa-tron Mk1 is supposed to be red, like an actual centipede, but otherwise it really fits! I forgot to say that it has pincers, but you can add those later.

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1: The first ability would probably be tied in with arrow deflection, but you could still have two tiers.

2: Maybe have a double jump for the second ability? Not sure how to give feedback on it, but it would work either way.

3: Not sure about the third one.

4: I had an idea similar to this once, based on Mongolian spears, but this is an idea that I'd love to see in-game.

Not sure about the kick-bot thing, might need to send it to the drawing board.

That just makes sense, add spears, add spear bots.

The acro-bots might be similar to the jet-pack bot, but they should have some kind of weapon.

It's a mark 5 bot, the mark 4s are the fire bots. Not sure about this one, plus, you're basically just saying the same thing as a mark four.

I'd like that, DIE SPIDER-TRON!

The comentators are snarky enough, don't make them MORE snarky.

The water makes a lot of sense, it would be nice to add it to the game, but I'm not sure how it would change the game.

Here's some more suggestions:

Bright yellow-Mustard

Dark red-Ketchup

Light green-Mango

White/black speckled-soccer

Couldn't really come up with much on the fly

Hmm. The taking four bars just to stop time for five seconds seems like a little much. Maybe instead of that, have it like the time slow upgrade, where it takes a certain amount of energy per second. Maybe drain 1 bar each second it's active?

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Hmm, maybe 6 mark 4 archers, 2 Mk 2 jet-pack bots, and a spider-tron 6000 at the top of the map, all other enemies (And Vatt) are trapped between two moving walls that end up in lava.

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So, I was using the level editor and thought to myself; what if there were boss robots, and; what if you could resize robots? Well, The resizing thing would be self explanatory, but what if you could modify ALL the stats on any one robot, you could have a tiny mark 1 with, let's say, 1000 health?(Don't know how this works exactly :/ ) It would be mayhem, but it could make for even MORE customization on levels. Then there's the boss ideas I had, I'm probably not the first person to come up with this, but maybe they could have bosses every three or four levels, these would be very hard to beat, but they would only be on stage ten, and they would be the only enemy on the stage. Here's a couple of ideas I had for bosses:

Centa-tron MK1

Weakness: Being cut into many segments.

Strength: Metal dissolving acid on it's skin.

Attacks: Lunging in the direction of the player, will automatically destroy the player if it hits.

How to beat: Use traps or a bow to cut segments off of the boss, once all the segments have been separated from the head, use an arrow to destroy the weak areas (These are two red glowing bulbs, like on the spider tron 6000)

Appearance: A gigantic centipede.

Secure-o bot

Weakness: Rams it's weapons and body in the direction of the target, it will get stuck if it misses.

Strength: Hovers above reach of swords and hammers, and has arrow deflecting shields.

Attacks: Stage 1: Boss will fire six short laser beams at the player, then will ram the two weapons into the ground at the player. The player must destroy these in order to move to stage two. Stage two: Boss will charge a laser, and fire for six seconds, then ram itself at the player.

Appearance: Similar appearance to the star splitter from hero-core. I'll insert a picture here: Star-spliter picture

(I know the names aren't too creative, it's hard to come up with names for an idea, easy to come up with the idea itself.)