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Very unique gameplay! Never played a garbage man simulator, let alone a horror one. Well done. 

I hope I was worthy enough to pass the exam... 

This game is awesome. Love the uncanny yet cheery atmosphere and Muppet theme. Can't wait for full release. 

Awesomely disturbing game. 

Funny and ironically pretty scary parody of the backrooms.

I will never poop the same way.

I actually have no words for the masterpiece. Would rate 69/10

Dope game with tons of potential. All that's really missing is more terrifying enemies! 

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I remember playing this about a year ago, and I must say I enjoy the new levels and upgrades. Your game still has lots of potential! If you were thinking of new weapons to add I'd recommend explosives xD

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Hi, just tried out hard mode and I gotta say... it's a little bit TOO unbalanced at the schoolhouse level. First of all, it's so extremely dark where even turning my monitor to maximum gamma doesn't help. Second of all, having two opponents chase you at once is no issue, but when sprinting is your only option and the hippo exists, it's borderline impossible to make any progress. As soon as you begin to sprint away from the sonic duo, he consistently shows up at your location with no warning. I'd suggest A) Turn up the brightness please god and B) removing the hippo entirely for hardmode, or removing one of the opponents. IMO, the hippo and darkness do not add anything but frustration. Would like to see some thoughts.

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Definitely one of my favorite games on so far. Loved the incorporation of baldi's basics and FNAF, although the fnaf section was a tad bit easy. You didn't need to utilize the shock or cameras at all or manage power. Also, the jumpscares we're a tad underwhelming. Still, loved the creativity!

I've never been jump scared so hard in my life, so good job! I enjoyed the eerie atmosphere and uncertainty. 

This game is awesome and very reminiscent of puppet combo games or the resident evil series.

This game is awesome! I love that you can find other people walking around occasionally, but I do wish it was possible to communicate with them or join parties. 

I'm so terrible with horror games, and this game was no exception. Absolutely terrifying atmosphere. 

This game genuinely creeped me out and has plenty of potential! Can't wait for this thing to be fully released. 

Very weird but wholesome game!


Super awesome game! It was very reminiscent of Super Hot and Anger Foot (another game). It was a lot of fun editing this! 

Short but great experience! The music was unsettling and I loved the pixel art, though I didn't find myself being TOO scared (probably a good thing): 

Pretty addicting and satisfying gameplay! I must say, the difficulty seems a bit excessive but I do believe I was on the right track by spamming medics and gunners: 

This game is an absolute banger. Can't remember if I posted a link to this yet but ere: 

What did I even play?

I enjoyed every second of it xD