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Pretty bare-bones game. BTW There is a health indicator, which is not utilized.

Was not able to even decrypt the first device. When you get hacked, the game continues in the background, and you just get killed while you are doing the hacking minigame. Also, the tutorial UI overlaps the main interface if it's not closed. This needs some heavy polish before it can be played properly. Get someone to playtest it for you.

Pretty good game. Not sure if the pixel shimmering is intentional, but I didn't like it. Also, there is a rock that you can walk behind and fall through the map, near the central area. Overall nice job, but It could use some polish.

The atmosphere and environment are really cool. Though this is more like a walking simulator. Wasnt really scary for me, and I'm a wuss.

*spoilers ahead* A pretty good game actually. The concept is nice, but the mechanics are fairly simple. There isn't a lot to manage. I liked the jump scare. I love the concept that the last document was actually about yourself.

The atmosphere is pretty good, but the game itself is not that scary, other than the ending which caught me off guard. Well done.