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The mechanics facilitate a great degree of tension and drama. Unique way of showing stress and exhaustion in the characters. As a GM, I would have difficulty keeping track of character secrets. Writing them down would help (and would make it easier to keep secret). Establishing relationships helps players create interesting dynamics right out of the gate.

Awesome and creative setting. Enjoyable to read. Very surreal... Fun to think about, but that works at your disadvantage when it comes to making an actionable system. Establishing a clear place, challenge, or goal to start from is difficult. It sounds like mostly metaphysical combat, but I have a body stat. Lean into the weirdness with a more intangible thought-exercise kind of system, or give something very specific for players to gear towards.

Interesting collaborative storytelling exercise. Lacks good pacing (when does it end?) or inspiration (where are we?) for players. A lot could read as a suggestion or a requirement. It's a bit unclear. Is the lonely mother simply an idea for a player or are these the 6 roles players must take? If so, connective setting and theme is unclear. Most of the story is up to the players to determine without useful details.

Solid theme and story. Unique setting. Unnecessary determination between loop or limited travel path... better to choose one or the other and flesh out what that means. A lot of time spent fleshing out a mechanical system that isn't terribly unique or efficient.

This reads like poetry. Love the concept. Simple, digestible, executable skill mechanics. Not really sure how to bridge the gap between what exactly the characters are (am I a human torchbearer or literally a street lamp) and what exactly they are meant to do. As GM, I would be unsure of how to construct a scene or challenge. "Paranoid Selfishness" is a beautiful touch.

Darkness disease is a very cool concept. 4 weeks to death by malnutrition is a clear and meaningful time limit. No guidance for GM on what an appropriate target score would be. Light's influence on final result is interesting, but use of percentage is difficult to grasp and resolve.