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Skyler Aure

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Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Flippy loves you!!! <3

Hiya, I'm Skyler, I'm a nonbinary lesbian! Currently working on a few things at the moment, but so far my only published work is a small little game I made for a bitsy jam.

Check it out if you like -->

This is really neat! I've recently been on a virtual pet kick, and for a while had a very broken one that sped through it's clock at about an hour every 5 real-life seconds. So as someone who has had a very busted one myself, this was a fun little game!

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much!

You have to collect all the items (there are 7) and then talk to one last worm for just a bit more inspiration! :>

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I love love love the art! Good job!

Aww this is sad... it's unfortunate to see all the corn wither and die with no way to help it. This was a really creative story and perspective though and you did a great job!

Aw this is such a sweet and charming game... Loved it!

Thank you so much!!

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Sorry, since this is an HTML5 game played in the browser I don't think will let me have an option for people to download it, unfortunately. :<

EDIT: If you're using on the browser, you should be able to run it right in the window. If you're using the client, you need to either click the launch/install option or you need to move to playing in a web browser if the option isn't there. 

I guess we'll just have to see, won't we? 🎃

Thank you very much!! I mega appreciate it!

Ohh, the use of the rotation to narrate the story was really clever... Nice job!

Thank you!! 🐛

Ohh this is really neat and charming! I love it!

Thank you much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hahaha thank you! Worm disco 'til the day we die!

Love the colors and the story! A vibrant scene that absolutely radiates the feeling of Fall.