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Jace Games

A member registered Aug 25, 2019

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Loads of fun!

The game was a lot of fun and will always be a big milestone for my channel as the first face cam video! So thank you 

~ Jace Games

i understand you wish to have full immersion for the game but is there seriously no way to minimize or take the game off of full screen?

not sure why people are so obsessed with .rars but it would be much easier for peole to play if it was in a .zip

I had alot of fun playing your game and had little to no trouble except for this 1 corner that kept glitching out. Besides that it was loads of fun and cant wait to see what you make next!

thank you so much! expect a video on it really soon

it would make it much easier to download and play if you made it a .zip file instead of a .rar file

oddly fun and i really hope there will be more of 3 headed santa or possibly even a 4 headed santa :)

I learned alot about Addictive Drugs today :)

I really enjoyed this game especially the irl photo part I really enjoy that in a game.

I beat this game. I may or may not have lost my sanity playing it but it was definently a good time and a great game. 

bro same my vids about to come out

you know what this game deserves more credit. It was alot of fun to play and i'd love it if you made a second one!

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I really enjoyed this game it was alot of fun.

i get the joke and its pretty funny


This game was amazing, i really enjoyed it and it was definently scary though the music could have been turned down a notch. But besides that 10/10 game i had a lot of fun playing it

Getting Kidnapped by KRAMPUS | Krampus (by Outercloudgames) - YouTube

This was a fun game very spooky i cant wait for the full version and find out the secrets about FROG MAN

This game was AMAZING very spooky

i would but on steam

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man i sure cant wait to get baby sitting this game was a great inspiration

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I had alot of fun playing and voice acting for this game thanks for the experience and I hope I can work on future projects with Outer Clouds Games.

gorefield contents is always some of my favorite stuff to watch so im glad I got to play a game gorefield related. not only that it was super creepy and I had a lot of fun playing it so hats off to the people who made this

this was one of my favorite games ive ever played it was a lot of fun and a very solid game

this game was great I had a lot of fun

It was the last game I played in 2019 and it was a really good one I really enjoy it but I was never able to make outside sadly enough but still a really good game

I really enjoyed feed me billy I think it's my favorite game out of the whole volume and it was real creepy and kept me on the edge of my seat

This game was  great and real weird it felt like I was having a fever dream but it was really well made and fun so 10/10 from me

I really like the pack of games I have only played one so far but it was really good

This game was great I had so much fun or as much fun as I could with 2 minutes, I loved it and that guy at the end real spooky

I really enjoyed the game real spooky I was really startled at the end but all around gud game 

I played this game along with the white diner and back to back you really get a good feel of both games, great game 10/10 would play again :)

I Loved the Game as trippy and confusing as it was, it still was an amazing game and I really enjoyed playing it. 

I loved this game it was real enjoyable to play the mechanics were real smooth the enemies were difficult and REAL spooky (especially the French fry guy) and it was all around good fun.

I really enjoyed the game and its creativity plus I really love spongebob horror games so that was a plus.