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Jace Games

A member registered Aug 25, 2019

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This game was  great and real weird it felt like I was having a fever dream but it was really well made and fun so 10/10 from me

I really like the pack of games I have only played one so far but it was really good

This game was great I had so much fun or as much fun as I could with 2 minutes, I loved it and that guy at the end real spooky

I really enjoyed the game real spooky I was really startled at the end but all around gud game 

I played this game along with the white diner and back to back you really get a good feel of both games, great game 10/10 would play again :)

I Loved the Game as trippy and confusing as it was, it still was an amazing game and I really enjoyed playing it. 

I loved this game it was real enjoyable to play the mechanics were real smooth the enemies were difficult and REAL spooky (especially the French fry guy) and it was all around good fun.

I really enjoyed the game and its creativity plus I really love spongebob horror games so that was a plus.