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But thank you for the  offer

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Nevermind, it shows as submitted. I think it was just unlisted

I tried uploading my game minutes before the deadline and was  unable to, is there any way I could add it in now somehow?

good luck

Good luck pal :)

I might make a longer version after the jam.

Yeah, the arm is really buggy. Sorry about that.

Thank you for playing my game! I do have a few more ideas for levels after the jam has ended.

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Nope, that's the end of the game. I wasn't able to add any more levels, sorry :(

Thanks, I was planning on adding more levels but I ran out of time.

This is my first game jam and I'm really excited. I want to wish everybody good luck with their submissions.

Thank you for the reply.

Does the whole game (excluding the menu/help/game over scenes) have to be 1 pixel high? That might be a bit hard to see.