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Thank you for the review! Yeah, we wasted 4 days on the player alone cuz it’s the first time we used the engine’s physics, it’s a miracle we have a submission at all haha

I’m glad you liked the art, I finished it 30 minutes before the jam submission xD And yh I do agree that it feels a bit empty… But I could say that it was part of the “space” theme right? Empty space doesnt have a sound after all… jk I would have loved to make some music 😭

Haha, thank you, I’m very happy to hear that. The pink environment is a puke image that I pixelated and hue shifted btw.

Thank you! The player script took ages to build since we were interacting directly with the physics engine and we never tried to do that before :P

Don’t use rar files! Not everyone can unzip those files. Use zip or 7z. Anyways I loved the music and the shaders. Probably my two most favorite parts. The mechanics are cool but very weird, i guess what made it weird was actually the controls, not that I couldnt figure them out, just a lot of reading for something that I imagined being simpler. Good job you guys, idk who made the path shader, but those were very cool.

The hitboxes are a bit hard to notice, and I can’t see the bullets until the hit, the bullet explosions are cool tho. I really loved the sprites, and the whole map must have takes ages to make. Good job :D

Loved it, the art is cute, and the music almost makes me want to dance :D It feels great, and the camera zoom when you die is a very good detail. If there is one thing you could improve it would be the diagonal movement; remember to normalize the movement direction vector.

As the title states, we ended up being 3 minutes late because the export took longer than expected.

Our game is:

Is there any way we could still submit?

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I’m glad you liked it :D were crying tears of joys over here to hear people say it was fun. It truly is the best compliment you can give a game dev :D thank you!

Oh! We didn’t even consider it, I’m embarrassed, we just put a 3 second timer and hoped the player would catch on xD lesson learned tho :D

Didn’t really see teleportation there, but the game is amazing! It’s a big too hard for me, a non-gamer, but it’s excelent! Good job!

haha I’m glad you like it :D and yeah the battery packs were having a collision box problem.

The battery packs are actually limited to 3, and when you already have 3 then you collide with them instead

Haha yeah I think we made it a bit too hard, I only got a 10, but one of my colleges got a 40 first try so, I think I’m just not gamer enough maybe xD

I like it! It’s fun to see far I can get, the death screen is also very funny :D

cool idea!

Considering this in scratch it’s awesome! I had a little bit of a hard time figuring out that I couldn’t continue gathering the items since it wasn’t clear the 10 at the bottom was the max indicator (even after going through the tuto). That asides, the graphics, the music, and the polish are all next level, good job :D

The audio artist is very happy to hear that :D. This game is made with Godot, so I won’t be able to use that, this is one of our first games, so the lighting was an afterthought.

xD that was the plan! I’m glad the inspirations could be seen through!

hey there! I just wanted to thank you for everything youve done and for keeping the proj alive. I know too well how much of a pain it is to maintain a tool. Again, thank you for what you've done for everyone. Cheers!

Hey this isn't included on the big tileset

Do you have base included? If not, is there one without a hood?