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is it possible to seggs with him?

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Hello! I'm looking for a English-Japanese translator for our nanoreno 2022 project: un/FRAGMENT.

There's no plan for commercialization as of now, so I hope you can volunteer. The word count is approximately 3000, so it shouldn't take you long (Plus translating the page as well if possible). 

Please reply or contact me at:

twitter: @izanamiparadoxV


I also might be interested in Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin) ,  and Korean translations

Thank you so much for the comment! It really means a lot when we get comments! I hope you stay tuned to our upcoming games and give it a share on social media!

This must've taken a long time to come up with a story with the songs of these people

Sure! Do you have a discord I can add you to?

I use Unity, Renpy, and Game Maker Studio 2. Although I have very little experience with GM2. But most of my experience comes from Unity and Renpy.

Ragyuo's Portfolio

I'm looking for a team! If you're interested in my work, please reply to this post with your discord!

I decided not to direct a game this year but instead join one as a renpy programmer. 

If there's anything you want me to do and I haven't done, I can learn! I know some python and I want to be good to use.

Here's my portfolio: Ragyuo's Portfolio

Here's my portfolio: Ragyuo's Portfolio

I love anime games and would be interested in programming for you!

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to reply to this post with your discord! I locked my discord because scammers kept adding me. 

I know someone who can help with it. They do art and modeling along with programming and would be interested in a collab. Here's their website: a guy

Hello! I don't quite understand some of the referral urls. I see urls linking to a person's page or a person's game. And that's where I get most of my views some days. How come?

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Looking For: Simple C# Unity Programming Tasks, Level Design (Documentation), Game Trailers, 


- Traps / Puzzles / Scene Management / Third person Controller (Basic) / Putting together levels / Setting up UI / Turn-based combat / Ask for other things

- Documentation of levels including kindergarden styled concept art

- After Effects (5 years)

- Photoshop (12 years)

Length of availability: May only / Will only take jobs that takes maximum 2 weeks before May 24th. 

Rates/Payment Method: Ask me as each task/project will require different price

Contact Method: ら行#7663 or

Thank you so much!! It means a lot when we get comments like these! I hope you look forward to our future games!

Looking Forward to the game!!

I want it to be free but with the option of donations. Is this possible during nanoreno?

I published a game jam game and I want to see google analytics. Will my information from itch be on there from 2 years ago?

Hello! I'm ragyuo from izanami paradox!

I'm hosting my writing commissions!
I've been writing since 2014. I wrote 2 novels, but I never decided to publish it. I used to be mainly an exotic writer but now I am getting into more of SFW works. I am still willing to do NSFW exotic works. I want to get more experience in writing and I'm in heavy need of money right now so I thought this was a good idea to do. If you need me to do a story with trigger topics, I'm the best for it! When I write stories with trigger topics, I tend to put my life experiences and others into works so it can be accurate and make people inspired and moved.

I read a lot of morally F'd VNs and doujins almost every day so no matter what you throw at me I'm willing to do it.

- what i specialize in -

Bad Ending Routes

Willing to Write Sci-Fi

- writing examples -

Hedonistic by izanami paradox

Erotic Wattpad Story [Old]

Minami (demo) by izanami paradox

- terms of service -
I cannot do long projects at this point of time. I will update when I can.

I won't be taking projects longer than 25k Words right now

If your project is more than 25k Words but you only need me to write a route less than 25k words, I am willing to bypass that rule.

I can do both commercial and free projects.

- pricing and payment -

Non-commercial Writing - $0.03 per word

Commercial - $0.05 per word

Editing (Non-commercial + Commercial) - $0.02 per word


Payment methods:

- Paypal
- CashApp

- where to contact me -

More endings will be added on a later date! ^-^

this was eerie for me kinda

i watched your youtube video making it so i was happy to play this

Anyone post ideas for spooktober!!

Hello! I'm looking for a programmer who uses Ren'py and a background artist(s) to help with my visual novel. It is a Psychological Horror/Romance that deals with some dark topics. Please email me at or add me on discord at ragyuo#7663 if you're interested!

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Hello! Izanami paradox is looking for members for the #nanoreno2020!
More information here!


Bold - Urgent

- Character Artists
- Background Artists
- Item Artists
- Programmer
- Voice Actors
- UI Artist
- Music Composer


- 3 Character designs, 6 sprites each with no face.
- Programmers who can make a dating minigame
- Music composer who can create multiple kinds of SFX
- 1 female voice actor, 2 male voice actors
- Background Artists with a painting style


Engine: Visual Novel Maker

Project name: Minami
Genre: Romance/Horror/Psychological

Fake Synopsis: (Someone help us come up with the fake Synopsis)

Real Synopsis: Eiichi has been friends with Takehito and Minami for 5 years. Takehito and Minami is the definition of the perfect couple. Eiichi wants to try to also have a perfect relationship like them. After 5 years of breakups and misfortune, He becomes envious of them. Eiichi decides to find the reasoning of why they're so perfect.. and to even find dirt on them so he could break them up and feel happier. After finding what he needed, he discovered something highly disturbing about Minami. Minami isn't his girlfriend.. it's his sister!! And not only that Takehito made her do things she didn't want to and brainwashed her to become his girlfriend. Eiichi was caught and soon trapped under the basement of Takehito and Minami's home. Takehito's true side has came out! Eiichi has 5 days to get out or Takehito will brutally murder him for learning about his secret. Will Eiichi will get away or will he succumb to a horrible untimely death.

We plan to bring this to Steam,, and more.

Please email if you are interested

Or DM @izanamiparadox on twitter or discord at ragyuo#7663

About Izanami paradox:

Izanami paradox is a remote game publisher that is made by 1 person for infinite people. We create realistic eye opener horror games for people to enjoy and for lives to change! 

Sure! Hit me up on discord at ragyuo#7663

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I am looking for someone to help me code the ideas I have in this document.

Here's the document:  Project White Girl

I cannot pay as or right now but I'm without a doubt WILL share revenue. 

Reply here or Contact me here:

Discord: ragyuo#7663


Twitter: @RAGyuoP