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Thanks for the assistance, perhaps I could use you to help test the patch. Got one of the issues solved so far I think.

I will let you know in this thread when I have the patch ready for the Linux issues.

Right now I'm finishing up work on a game launcher so people won't need to go to itch to download the latest. The launcher will also allow people to opt-in to testing the dev branch (and switching between)

Thank you for the additional information, it does help

Can you tell me what Linux OS you have? I've only been using debian based in my tests

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I'm sure many do, but subjectivity matters in this context. That is to say I haven't had many Linux players for my own game, and therefore it is likely to have more bugs. I'm sorry for the rough first impression, I hope to get these things fixed as soon as I can.

The game is still in alpha status so a few bumps are to be expected, more testers greatly helps process. I'll add the F11 problem to the bug tracker too, I can't imagine why the engine would have such a broken Linux build -- the engine core developers all use Linux primarily. I'll do some digging

I think I also know what happened during the "ball was stuck moving slow" issue, it seems to be related to the tutorial. It slows the game down to introduce the controls, but for some reason I didn't see the text instructing what the button prompt is for.

I have an idea to make it more obvious and I'll look into why the text didn't show.
Engines make development quick and simple, but give you all these weird spokes sticking out making the strangest edge cases.

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention, surprising no one else has reported this. Could just be no one uses Linux all that much for gaming.

In the meantime perhaps playing in windowed mode, leaving fullscreen (F11), may help work around that.

I have some ideas now for a patch, but I'll have to test using my Linux CD since it's not installed. The next patch comes out before Halloween so hopefully I can get it fixed before then.

I greatly appreciate the time you took to report this, it could have gone unnoticed for so long

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
Does the game still work otherwise?
I'll look into a fix immediately, currently wrapping up bug fixes for the next update

Hopefully this is nothing I have to wait for an engine update for, I do know they are updating Linux window management at the moment

As odd as this may seem this is my niche. Love it, can't wait to give it a play when I get the chance. Downloading now

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Follow up: The Quality of Life update will be at least another couple weeks I suspect, want to include a few major things I've been working on like a new lighting system and an overhaul of the charged machinegun powerup (more frame-rate friendly plus now far more over-the-top). Will include more in-depth settings, better HUD, and more control schemes too.

The game was originally designed to be a vertical oriented game (inspired by vertical shoot-em-ups), problem is monitors are landscape. So my game makes use of a dynamic background to square it out, and a static monitor image to fill the rest. It does help sell the mood besides cover a technical issue.

The main problem with scaling the game map itself is it would fundamentally change the gameplay and break many things. Give it a play, you'll see what I mean. If you like action games that is, I understand they're not for everyone


  • Language Menu
  • Russian Support
  • New Levels
  • Swordstorm Weapon
  • Removed Herobrine?
  • Game Gravy (polish & game feel)
  • Audio (new music and sound effects added)
  • Many bug fixes
  • Settings Menu
  • Tweaks and Balances
  • Overhauled some old graphics
  • Rebranding
  • Configurable Controls
  • Map Obstacles

By default yes, can press F11 at any time in-game to toggle

Neat idea, very well executed, makes my brain hurt

Great collection, thank you for sharing

+1 for a zip version, just downloaded them all

Great collection, thank you for the time you took to put it together

Good variety in sound, will be great for future jams


A solid start, will you be making a matching font or other amenities?

I'll give it a play tomorrow, thanks for the heads up


It's odd, there's no method of contacting you directly on either itch or youtube. At least no DM method I could find. Was going to notify you when there was a new update. Not even sure if this way works really.

I've added defence and made a bunch of other changes, can read about them here. Next update will bring a new weapon, can read about that here.


Love the new ideas on a classic. Right up my alley

Got some ideas bouncing around for defensive options, I'll post them here later today in a thread.

The game is lacking in many areas, didn't have much time this jam. I may revisit this in the future though