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yay, good luck! im thinking of making even more cursed incomprehensible puzzle game and make it as meta as possible. i think of using godot, but feel lazy as always

reached apple with no deaths. died on apple 2-3 times. i like that your reward for beating the game is go back to title screen and get layered music

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nooo my lumies turned glumies D:

edit: white triangles look like spikes so at first i thought that they kill you, but they are just walls

yay vinny played my game

thank you for the thorough review!

i watched tons of cursed puzzle game videos before jam so i decided to make my own.  rules are very cursed, i legitimately tried to explain them in the tutorial. at first tutorial looks like nonsence walls of text, but after playing some time youll eventually start to understand it

i personally thing there are not enough ultra hardcore puzzle in the world, so i made my game extremely hard. last 'chapter' is especially brutal, so its totally okay to get stuck

my fav so far. fun, easy, crusty, original

hardcore platforming. only cool people can beat this game

also insane midi riffs

epic platformer i somehow beaten the boss 1st try still no idea how i did that

harder than sans 💀

beaten all 4 levels. final boss took lots of tries

insane midi riff

i love that game is fair and if you listen to the sfx you can dodge everything

probably there are tons of bugs but i ran out of time

congrats on completing my unplayable game

im gonna make something big and cool for crust jam, but im not into collabs, i prefer making games in solo

highest score ive got

Genius title of the game. I can say your game has something from Jake Clover games too. I really like this mix of edited photos. Nice touch of putting ghost🅱️usters song on pacman level

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I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dark and troubled past of playing to hue helped me out

I failed to dodge space moons, bought tank, stealthed through the big background cat, chose my fav cheese, escaped vim, beaten skin level and almost got heart attack on last level


i like music on this screen

ohno unity stole my money (or how it works i forgot)

love character portraits

wdym this game is actually great

couldnt reach even second gear because im bad at driving

poor darma if this happens everyday :,(

atleast darma's hp is infinite

so much love your engine

100% vibe of 2000s shareware games

heard that midi in your tohohoho game

cool game

i earned 100 score (real, not photoshop)

first gbtk game i played that actually crashed. 💯/100

wow thats how i make

games glad that im not alone

made in first try im very good ghost hunter. before launching for the second time to see humpskare i lowered my volume to 2% and i barely heard anything

got lucky 😎

imagine playing this game with broken mouse

these controols on 2nd level 😳

kawaii math game (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) ~ ☆

yay i beaten level 1 O_O

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classic game

im glad it was reuploaded so everyone can enjoy this game again

upd: 69 score

cant see shit what am i typinmng

deep lore i drownd

dont worry, its gbtk entry. gbtk jam is about making the most incomprehensible games in the world. i still have a desire to make legit fun games but dont have strength to do it. ill try making legit cool game for crust jam, because point of crust jam is just crusty graphics, gameplay allowed to be good. cant promise anything but ill try

idk how you can access this data without game maker, so ill post it here


cute graphics and nice insane midi riff

i remember having similar idea of maze that changes outside of your view but was too lazy to code

p.s. holy shit this game is 6 years old O_O

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also i played in windowed mode using dark magic known as execution arguments `-screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-height 720 -screen-width 1280`. i personally like to play games in windowed mode

just curious, what you think about this whole silly unity drama thing? i havent dug up into it but if things get bad  you can pretty easily switch to godot. i used it a lot and can say its pretty easy for meme games. i made my two early games (spider and ant) without knowing too much about godot and process was very easy