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you can recharge shields using the last powerup called "wtf???". that's a gradius reference. there's a shield powerup in gradius and it's called "?".

actually, i'm kinda sorry for making last two games. i made them as a form of coping through art so they're are just shitposts. the fact that it is somehow playable is a miracle. now i feel better so i'm planning to make an actual competent game, so stay tuned

this method really works 💯 thx for sharing this knowledge with us

i know this game is a shitpost but i actually enjoyed the platforming

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figuring out the controlls was also an adventure

looks like legitimately great cave story like game. i like this shield mechanic. also it's a very good idea to allows players to configure the battle settings. hyped to see full game

but i have one small personal complaint. imo J is a very bad choise for attack key. i think the classic layout (arrows + ZXC...) would make much more sence. i hope in full game it will be possible to configure controlls

overall it's a very cool boss. it was fun trying to figure out the patterns and trying to dodge them

imo some levels are too repetitive. and player charactes is kinda too small and too fast which makes some jumps harder than they should be. but despite of that this is a pretty nice game

nice game. grapnics is cute, music is calmful which fits this game. there are some glitches with collision, sometimes you stuck on corners or in the middle of one-way platforms but overall it wan't a bad experience. level design is good too: no stupid jumps or unfair enemy placement. good job

this is some unusual physics

this gfx looks like it was ai generated which makes this game even more better

great game. imo friction is too low which makes jumping kinda frustrting. but game is short so that's not a big deal. wanna see more adventures of ana


good exercise for fingers

i'm suprised that this simple idea actually has some strategic potential. wanna see cybersport competitions in this game

some sick sound effects. btw some jumps are pretty tricky so it was pretty fun

don't add anything this game is perfect already

that's one of the game i played in my life. music is 🔥

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Pretty good small game. Things I liked:

+ player sprite is adorable, good animations
+ gfx overall is pretty good
+ jump physics and overall controlls are nice

Now the complaints:

- no damage indication when you fight frogs
- when timer runs out, nothing happens
- error message when you move to the next level
- seams appear between tiles
- sometimes running animation keeps playing instead of idle animation
- usualy it's Z - jump, X - attack, not vice versa, but that's not a big deal

got 420 score. im so good at ball clickier

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yeah i'm AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

cool game

I added the source code here so everyone can have fun. I call it cursed not because it's bad or something. I've seen worse and I wrote worse. It's cursed because of one variable name that appears multiple times in some classes and what it represents. I won't tell exactly what I'm talking about but if you find it you'll know

I made this mostly to play with WebGL, so I'm not planning to expand it. And source code is pretty cursed in some places so I don't feel like posting it. There are also some issues, like you have to launch it through the local server, otherwise textures are not loading (that's not my fault, that's WebGL thing). But if you want I can send you the source code

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i cant kill irs on ez mode 😭

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is this a glitch or i broke some of the rules? why my submittion got removed? :(

edit: i submitted it again just in case

I have tons of crusty midis of old pop songs. rules forbid to use copyrighted stuff.  do these midis count as copyrighted stuff or not?

i fell out of bounds and died

don't worry, it gets even harder after purple orbs puzzle. I think it's not clear, but just like brown boxes can push everything, purple orbs can pull everything. and you have to use this to solve a puzzle. also if you lucky you can find walkthrough on yt that I uploaded

thanks, glad you liked it!

imma winner!=

cool game. took me a few minutes to figure out there's a jump button

he forgor💀

(absolutely trust you)

What happened? 🅱️indows 🅱️efender moment?

I reached donjon hands and got too tired of spamming keys so I proclaim myself a winner

THANK YOU!!!!😍😳😎

everything is perfect in this game

ngl this game looks pretty interesting

I woon. col game. can't wait for the seeqwuell

wtf? there's no exe file in

good job! it's the w🅾️rst game I played so far

Good usage of theme. Enjoyed. I even won on my 1st try somehow