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Devil Minty (William)

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Yep, Dark and gritty! I am not going to announce the game yet but I can PM it to you on Discord or Google Hangouts!

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Something like Ludum-Dare-41 kind of music.

The game looks amazing to me already, but I can figure out how to improve!

Hello, I am interested in helping, you can hangouts me @ william.justus1117@gmail.com , Skype me @wjl1117, or discord me @ ItzDevilMinty#6118

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Hello everybody, at MoredGenis Games we are looking for some developers, some artists , and some music composers.

Requirements for all:

- Must have been on itch.io for more than 30 days

- Must have a Discord, email, or Google Hangouts account for chatting

Requirements for Artist:

- Must know how to make vector sprites

Requirements for Developer:

- Must have at least one game published on itch.io

- Must be know or able to learn how to code in SCRATCH (A drag and drop language, used to make a lot of MoredGenis Games)

- Must have an account for Scratch that has a confirmed email and must follow @DevilMintyYT

Requirements for Music Composer:

- Must link to Music you have composed

How do I download the .svg file?

): I feel bad for you, I got the game when the giveaway was happening and it is good!

I am surprised I was able to make this game in 4 hours! I thought it would take me 2 days.


I am so happy I got to make the game downloadable, pretty good game!

Awesome Game! I have it downloaded (I have to have it downloaded because I made the downloadable versions)

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I give it an 8/10

Read the description of it, it has a link to play in browser, and it has had for a month!

Make sure to check daily for new updates!

Early Update Access versions are flash due to the fact that I do not want to have to share it on the site which holds the HTML! I may do it as HTML soon but for now it is Flash.