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Devil Minty (William)

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Oh if you use Godot it definatly should work no problem. Just tested it and it worked

I did not test but it probably will not work properly because Dualshock have weird drivers. Instead of the normal 0 and +1 it does -1 and +1

I can test, I have both!

Does the game work with Dualshock 4, Dualshock 3, or both? (Dualshock are the PS controllers, 3 is PS3, 4 is PS4)

Can't wait for you to release more games! All of your games right now are pretty good.

I LOVE IT! I wonder how long it took to make. 10/10

Guys! SPEND THE NIGHT WITH KITTY 2 is out!!! I am so excited to play it.

K, I will keep it to myself

You do not have to keep the game free, just do a sale that makes it 100% off until voting is over.

Please make your game free until the jam is over. This way people do not feel forced to pay if they want to vote.

I will TRY adding a sensitivity setting to make it a bit easier. Thanks for playing!!

Can you try out https://itzdevilminty.itch.io/sticky2 it is a simple game and was my third 3D game I think. It used to be paid and I know you would have paid but I felt I should make it free so that more people get it.  

Bypass  Game Not Working

Same, this way you get a wider audience, I have 20x as many views as I got my entire 3 years on Scratch (I got about 2,600 views when I shared on Scratch)

I played 6 days ago and have been following since, I got 127 and then I just gave up and selected the wrong answer.

The new update is cool! I have been playing for like 4 days and I got to say it is pretty good.

Minimal Engine is a new game engine that is in development, it allows you to create games using Minimal Script and Minimal Script Packages made by the community which add possibilities to your game. Minimal Script is one of the easiest text-based programming languages and is very human readable and people who are not familiar with game development should be able to get the hang of it. It does not have a lot of scripts and is mostly dependant on the packages made by the community. There are multiple packages currently, some of our favorites are "GeeUI" "pen" and "sound." GeeUI allows you to add a GUI to your program, pen allows you to let the user draw on the program, and sound allows you to add audio and the developer has said he is trying to add a feature to upload custom sound effects. There will soon be a player that will be able to open Minimal Engine games without having to be inside of the engine. Also,  is 100% free and any games you make using it are all yours. 

Ready to use Minimal Engine?  Try it out here for free!

P.S For some reason my PC is glitching and wont let me add pics, but you can use it in your browser without download. I will add images soon.

I am aware of that and I am trying to fix it. Sometimes the pizzas go behind each other for some reason, I will fix it as soon as I get some time. I hope you liked the game (: 

No problem. If you ever make an update just give me the sb2 and I can make a fix so it works better in flash

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My name is William, I make 2D and 3D (Mainly 2D) games for MoredGenis Games.

I make little games for people to play and I make most of them free unless they are SUPER good and have a good game page and even when I do I make sales a lot so that people can get them for cheaper than their cheap price is. I have my own company called MoredGenis Games and we are currently looking for a team willing to be for free. Check out my profile for more. I am trying to port my flash game to PS4 if I can but I am sure it is impossible. I also make tools and operating systems which I make available for free.

I did not edit any code, just fixed the exe because it did not show anything for some people. (Aka 2 of my dumpster computers, only worked on 1)

The game would not run for some people so I made a fixed version:


I will make the game work for more people (The game exe only works on one of my pcs, the rest just say movie not loaded for 5 hours)

Do you have a scratch account (Just asking, I do but do not share my projects on Scratch anymore)

I had to play on Scratch Editor because the Flash Player was glitching, probally my fault for downloading the stupid Windows 10 Creators Update which breaks some apps

I do not use (JS Scratch) phosphorus to exe because it brings some bugs, and Flash has no bugs running Scratch projects and will be fullscreen if you set it to while converting. I only use phosphorus to exe on big games that would lag on flash.

I may remix this! I will credit you.

https://itzdevilminty.itch.io/pizza-memory should be the link!

The game wasn't super good but it took a long time to make (mainly because I was cloning a sprite but made a variable in the spriteonly which was stupid and was causing them to go ontop of each other, took me like 45 minutes of being pissed off to solve the dumb issue)

In the jam options, there is a way that you can give the game creator a link so that they can add it to the submissions.

I spenALL day on it for nothing. )':

I though the submissions were due tomorrow and I JUST finished my game and get greeted to this, can I PLZZZZZZZ submit my game?

PIZZA JAM (pizza prize) community · Created a new topic ):

I just finished making my game for this jam. Spend ALL DAY! and now it is voting, I though the jam voting only started tomorrow, can I plz submit my game??? 

I was joking xD It would take me weeks to create something in binary 

Ok, I will stop spamming the community mommy!