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Hey Reekid44,

Mac development is something we looked into and experimented with during Perfect Vermin's development. Unfortunately Unreal 4.18 which Perfect Vermin uses as an engine is incompatible with Mac devices, and as no member of the team has experience with the Unreal Engine 4's engine code, Mac support ultimately proved impossible.

For future projects Mac support is something that we will be looking into at an earlier point in development to hopefully avoid issues like this in the future.

-Maceo (Game Designer/Artist)

I can tell you by the way the level is loading in your computer is below minimum the minimum system requirements for the Unreal Engine 4. 

Nothing we can do I'm afraid.

Issues like this are often caused by being below Perfect Vermin's minimum system requirements. 

If your system is below these requirements it will be unable to properly run the Unreal Engine 4 and by extension Perfect Vermin causing the game to encounter issues constantly.

If this does not seem to be the source of the issue please let us know and we will look into it immediately.

Hey Jason,

I responded to your other post with information relevant to the issues you are describing.

-Maceo (Game Designer/Artist)

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Hey Jason,

It is unlikely that collisions are the source of lag on your device.

The issue you are describing is likely caused by the device you are running Perfect Vermin on being below Perfect Vermin's minimum system requirements. 

If this does not seem to be the source of the issue and your device is above Perfect Vermin's minimum system requirements, please contact us (preferably over our Steam community discussions but Itch also works) and we will look into the issue immediately.

-Maceo (Game Designer/ Artist)

Crashes like this are often caused by being below Perfect Vermin's minimum system requirements. 

If your system is below these requirements it will be unable to properly run the Unreal Engine 4 and by extension Perfect Vermin causing the game to encounter issues constantly.

Saving was something we frequently looked into during development but ultimately decided against for a number of factors.

During playtests players quickly became over reliant on reloading saves rather than rebuilding their tower’s base (which was often the source of the problem). This led to their tower collapsing over and over again due to a design flaw made before they saved. This often caused playtesters to assume the game was impossible or rigged. Unexpectedly it was almost always faster for players to rebuild after a collapse than to fiddle with saves.

This is something that many other tower builders with levels that last considerable length have in common with us, either having no ability to save or an unorthodox method with mixed results (World of Goo time flies are an example of this).

The final reason being that the reward for completing Pit of Babel requires real world work on the behalf of Scottie and I, and the ability to save lead to such a wide variety of exploits we would either have to remove the reward from everyone or invest in significantly more infrastructure than is realistic for a game jam.

If there was a clean solution to saving the players progress that did not cause more problems than it solved we would have taken it. Unfortunately no solution seems to have arisen for Pit of Babel or other similar tower builders.


Will there be any ability to mirror your inputs to both sides of the protagonist's face? It seems like a really unique main mechanic but I worry about individual actions taking too long and giving the player fatigue. 

Overall this is looking super cool!

Fortunately, if you pull blocks from your own tower you can close the final gap. Just be careful not to pull anything too important...

I endorse this comment.

I spoke to Andrew (PizzaPranks), the host of the interview and he has released the interview for members of his Patreon. He will also be releasing the interview for free February 8th on "Spotify and other podcast places".

Many thanks!

This is a really unfortunate situation we knew was possible during development. We looked into a few possible solutions such as having the blocks maintain physics while being moved or not being able to be placed inside the tower like you suggested. We ultimately did not pursue any of these options as all of them came at a cost that greatly impacted the building freedom of all players creating more small frustrations for everyone. However, our final situation can cause rare and large frustrations due to miss-clicks.


If there was a way, we could precisely tell player intention without bogging down average player interaction we would take it in a heartbeat, but as it stands the overall cost to the average players is too high. If it is any consolation, I do genuinely feel really awful that we caused you any upset or frustration.

This is a valid criticism, although there is no missing step/teleportation/time skip. There are some elements in the background of the ending cinematic that are meant to better explain the relation between the two locations but I agree it can be somewhat obtuse to understand. Fortunately a logical understanding of the games locations in relation to each other is not needed for the story to emotionally function.

So glad you enjoyed the game!

What you encountered was actually not an error. Blocks lose their highlight when they are outside of the "Construction Zone" so what likely was happening was your tower was slightly leaning too far. During our trailer you can see blocks lose colour like this as the tower collapses. Often when blocks start unexpectedly going dark it is a sign of imminent collapse...

Pit of Babel (and other games) can be mis-identified as viruses shortly after the release of a new build. This happens because your anti virus does not recognize the software as it is not commonly downloaded at this point. After a few hours/days this should no longer occur.

If you downloaded Pit of Babel from an illegitimate source (Softonic, Google Drive, etc) it may be harmful to your computer as these copies are illegal redistributions.

As long as you downloaded Pit of Babel through it is completely safe and official even if your antivirus is mis-identifying it.

Poor tower, gone too soon.

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We just released Pit of Babel a surreal tower builder set in an anatomical world.

Grind smaller, gentler life into blocks of stone to construct a tower far into the "sky".

Just remember, Babel is destined to collapse.

Its is really support like this that is the reason we do this in the first place. Keep your eyes peeled there is more strangeness on the horizon.

We are glad you guys are enjoying the game over in Brazil! The entire Dev team is actually Canadian so at least some people outside of America know about it haha.

Hi, thanks for playing, we have now released a patch that should address the issue you encountered.

Let us know if you have any other difficulties.

All Hail the Heat Death requires 4 controllers to play.

I have updated the games page to include this information.

The air is electric with anticipation.

Apologies that you have been encountering issues.

Most issues are encountered due the game being run on Intel laptop which are incompatible with the game.

Other issues can be caused by the game being run on hardware that is below minimum specs. Unreal (the engine the game is made in) becomes unstable at very low frame rates which can cause serious issues.

If neither of these seem to be the issues you are encountering please let me know.

What? I don't even understand... Well I'm glad you enjoyed the game. This is definitely the most unique take on it I have seen thus far.

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Perfect Vermin features one ending. However there are secrets within the game.

Apologies that you encountered issues. Unreal can get very unstable at low FPS on devices under minimum specs which causes what you encountered here.

Glad you enjoyed the game.

I hope so.

Hey! It's awesome to see you here. I remember when I pitched what was essentially Proto Swallow the Sea to you in high school that you told me "make sure I finish that idea someday".

When we neared the end of development, I thought it was really important to credit you. I'm not sure I ever would have returned to this premise without you showing genuine interest in the idea.


I really believe in momentum and have worked hard not to slow down since my time in high school. Keep an eye out the next game will be the biggest and strangest thing we have made yet.

Thanks again.

Hello, would you be able to tell us your system specs so we can work to identify the problem. Intel laptops are consistently incompatible with Perfect Vermin.

We have just released a patch adding the ability to invert the mouse axis.

Could you send us your specs, so far older Intel core laptops have had difficulty playing the game.

So glad you enjoyed the game! We will be looking into adding the functionality you mentioned.

Sorry about that, is it possible we could get your computer specs? The issues you are describing tends to occurs on computers below minimum specs.

Its not violence if they're vermin.

We just released our first 3D video game; "Perfect Vermin" A game about destroying an office building to eradicate all furniture that bleeds and cries.

Your task is simple, exterminate all vermin. The sledge hammer you have been provided is capable of destroying almost all office appliances and furniture that may be uncooperative. Your time is running out.

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You left the Debug controls in. I noclipped around in first person.

Cool Shaders.

Glad you enjoyed it! Swallow the Sea only features one ending.