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cheats are for losers mate

if you dont know how to use your computer pls go hang yourself upside down

it will have to go up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 (no joke) until NOTHING is left

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If i remove this comment it removes my previous one for some reason so i wont :)

np son

woah nice building skillz

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 I made a new save now that i knew what i was doing, i made a robot and programmed it to go grab logs and put them in the storage and... it picked me up if i go to trade it says hes holding 'autonaut' i can place 'autonaut' in my inventory and my character just disappears until i place it back . weirdiest thing ever

 Also i would suggest adding like if/or/and functions/options for functions to higher tier bots :D 

they do if u do it correctly

or just fix your brain and get a axe to cut down the tree

ahahahahha so true xD

oh ok thanks :D

and how can i kill cows they are so annoying (if i can)

1. What do 'dung's do?

2. What does the recycler do?