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huh? no.

The elements of the story reach the deepest places in my heart, as I am progressing through the story, I am met with topics not so similar in what a normal VN heroine would call: "A normal life." the game is beautifully designed in it's own special way, and it will continue to climb the mountain of beautification until reaching the peak. I hope to see the full release soon, and a good night to you.

- Scott Anderson, Writer.

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yeah sorry I don't want to rush you guys. I know how hard it is btw. I feel you. but you said 3 more parts weren't there going to me 6 endings? And if there are can I help you guys out with them? I can even sponsor on discord channels if you guys want to because this game dominates the VN realm and I can already consider it as a classic. I literally fell in love with this game as soon as I started playing it. Keep up the good work, guys! OwO

also btw you guys said  next version would be coming out in 2019. Almost half the year is gone. Ik how hard it is to make a VN but I hope it comes out soon!
Also btw this game is way better than Team Salvato's Doki Doki Literature Club! so i hope its completed soon!

Like seriously. You guys did a GREAT JOB on this Visual Novel. I truly envy your talent. I would give up everything just to have a quarter of you talent. I seriously cant wait until full release!!

its actually able to run on linux too!

go to the files, press open in terminal, and type in ./ as .sh is the python shell script used to run the game

you can aslo use bash 

you got that right

holy shut this is a GREAT GAME! Absolutely amazing storyline and endings!

I've been trying to run this on Linux for a while now but every time I type in ./forgotbothfilenames._. (which is how you run something on Linux. . means execute and / directs it into the directory.) but i keep getting this:

Permission Denied.

any tips on why this is happening? or if I've done anything wrong? (yes, I've also used bash instead of ./ at the beginning.)

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just dowload renpy by typing 

sudo apt install renpy

and then download windows version of DDLC, create a new project on renpy then move the DDLC files to your new project. open renpy and press run:

you might get a traceback once or twice, but just wait a second and the game will launch.

-Your welcome if this helped, Adaptive

well i tried and it took a week. Mind giving it a more detailed explanation next time?