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you got that right

holy shut this is a GREAT GAME! Absolutely amazing storyline and endings!

I've been trying to run this on Linux for a while now but every time I type in ./forgotbothfilenames._. (which is how you run something on Linux. . means execute and / directs it into the directory.) but i keep getting this:

Permission Denied.

any tips on why this is happening? or if I've done anything wrong? (yes, I've also used bash instead of ./ at the beginning.)

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just dowload renpy by typing 

sudo apt install renpy

and then download windows version of DDLC, create a new project on renpy then move the DDLC files to your new project. open renpy and press run:

you might get a traceback once or twice, but just wait a second and the game will launch.

-Your welcome if this helped, Adaptive

well i tried and it took a week. Mind giving it a more detailed explanation next time?