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So something I really want to try doing but I've never had any experience in recording the process and upload it to YouTube have you guys tried it before?  If so any and all tips are appreciated! :) 

Good job :) 

When i click play and go in game i can hear the music but nothing happens? 

I see where the inspiration came from, i real liked the art and thought it was put together well! :) 

I liked it the music was absolute awesome! 

I really liked it! if it had sound it would of been a 5/5 for me :D 

thank you so much for the feedback :D

thank you so much! :D 

was that the html version or downloaded one? :O Thank you for the feedback though :) 

Sorry about that, you can play the downloaded one with no issues if you need want to :) I'll fix the memory now. :)

Thank you for letting me know about that, I think i may have fixed it with a new build, i think it could of been layers or the last position. I wanted the perspective to be a bit difficult but I didn't want that to make it unplayable did that's why i added the over head camera :) Thank you so much for the feedback :) 

If the left button gets spammed to much you'll hit the projectile that you just spawned, which annoys him too, also you could of just hit the moving asteroids, press tab to keep an eye on that :) Are you sure you were hitting the Earth? If not i'll have to check that out , Thank you so much for the feedback! :D 

Thank you so much, Visuals are 100% not my strong suit! xD 

Thank you! :D

Thank you :D

Thank you for the comment and playing  :D 

Loved it! <3 

Thank you so much, if you wanted to "end" the game, just go all the way right, there is a little housing area where you find the your true home :3 :D 

Aw, thank you xD 

Welp that's stumped me already xD 

Thank you for the feedback, I do plan on fixing the controls before the Jam finishes, but i totally agree with you :) Also I'll double check everything in the file, and scan it tonight, I didn't know it popped up a warning :( Which antivirus do you use? 

Thanks man, i wish i had the full 6 days though :( :D 

So i finally did it, i managed to make something playable and to the theme of the Jam! I didn't think i could ever do it! :) 
Link to the project! -
The game was made in 48> hours and all the assets where created by myself :)  

This is my first project, try it if you like :)

Thanks for the feedback! How would i enter :) 

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Here's a new game ;)

dit: link to added stuff

This does look good, is this out on Steam? :O 

Hey absolutely i will check this out it looks awesome! I'll give you a message when the video is live! :) 

I'll check it out, looks very good! :D

I'll be sure to check it out, i love rpg games :D 

Could i have a link please? 

I'll be sure to poke around :3 

Hey! Thanks i will take look, i absolutely love the art style! Do you plan on any updates? 

No problem, if i can help out i will, no matter the genre, I'll give this ago! :D :D Thanks

Sure thing, it sounds like its tailored for me! :D 

Thanks :D

ah, so is the game free in general then? 
Also is there any videos of it on Youtube? 


Looks really interesting is it out at all yet? Or is there any content on it at the moment :) 

I'll check it out!