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I'm unsure if this is a bug or user error, but I have Ableton open on my main monitor (screen 1), and MiniMeters open on my laptop screen (screen 2). When I remove my main monitor display, it shifts everything to the laptop screen (screen 1). Now, if I open MiniMeters again, for a split second, it opens in the top left corner and then hides itself, almost as if MiniMeters still thinks there are two screens connected. I've tried using Win + Arrow Keys to move MiniMeters, but it seems to have no effect.

Best purchase I've made for productions in a long time.  

a suggestion: would it be possible to have a system tray setting? i.e. making it so the application isn't on the taskbar I use Alt Tab a fair bit and I cant see a reason why It needs to be on the taskbar / showing in the alt tab view as its always on screen. If needed adding the option Show / Hide option on the system tray icon when right clicking.

Thanks for making such an amazing piece of kit!