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seems like it is spammer game


i really like the game, and quite hard, very cool 👍

I love it, i got stuck at the purple planet with those pesky flys ;-;

yea, currently have a chance too, im checking out as many games as i can today n tmrw

u on mobile? u using keyboard, if using keyboard, i dunno what the problem could be, if on mobile, it doesn't work there.

thx, im planning on changing up the jump a bit soon, make it feel tiny bit more like a parkour game (:

thank you :) 


thx, i made them floating cause i didn't want still legs when they're moving 😅

alright, ya welcome 👌

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yea will do, currently not on pc

thx 👌

i tried that, but it was just cause tons of conflict with the collision system, that system is sorta broken, it's too difficult to fix that system so i just left it on a simple note of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'. Maybe in a future update after the jam of course i may attempt to fix this issue.

thx, it's mainly the background that makes it look all colorful 😅

perhaps so

i duno

maybe so i dunno 🗿🗿


but why also submitted to a 3d jam though?

it's fine if submitted to 2d jam but 3d?

i don't really know how to make jumps :|

bruh why paid and no dl?

So i was playing some games i came upon some submissions that are just reuploads of already existing gdevelop examples.

Here they are:

Now this one isn't an example as far as I know but isn't 3D nor pseudo-3D:

NB: I haven't played any of the games.

If your post was included somewhere, especially the last link, bruh im sorry ;-;

but why


because it doesn't even work, have ya not read the comments bruh

your game can't be accessed :p

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Hello, i am a developer, music composer and Trailer Creator at Holemole Studios and we are planning to make a fighting game soon, but we had some problems developing our first game Twin Stars which was our first game and we wanna avoid those problems in our new game so we need help. 

We need(according to studio owner):

- Marketing Person

- 2 - 3 GDevelop Programmers

- Sprite Artist (3 Available Slots) 

We hope to see you there :) 

Please DM one of us on Discord, if one of us is offline then check the other. 

- darkstick#3668 

- Ocean_man9#5122

bruh, just download linux ver of something like psych engine 

Check Discord 

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yea, give me yours and i can dm ya

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Hello! I am a Music Producer that uses LMMS and very rarely FL Studio Mobile and I am looking to make music for any project.

I make electronic music, if you request another genre I may or may not be able to make it. You don't need to pay me, just credit me and thats it.

Doesn't matter how big or small the project, im always happy to make music for it as long as it has nothing to do with NSFW Content.

Listen to my music here and decide if you'd like for me to help ^-^:

Latest song as of 2023/05/16 is Sellocone: 

I recommend you take a listen
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momento triste ;-;

hm alr ig


it won't finish loading 🗿💀