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Great style, great art, great music. Great aesthetic, overall!

I NEED a part 2!

Core Engine (Gratis, sin codigo y con assests)

Such personality! This was a fun read! 

So sad it's no longer in development. I'll have to check more of your stuff ^^

Well, this was intense... Glad to have played it!

Tremendo el dato que me pasaste ¡era una solución tan pava y no me había dado cuenta!
Ya tenes subida la versión en español para descargar y jugar off-line. Cualquier otra información, consulta o lo que necesites al respecto, estoy a tu disposición 🙌

¡Que bueno que haya ido bien! Que pena que no se pueda compartir, espero que más adelante de pueda ver por otro medio ¿Podrías contarme para que organización es, de paso?
Con respecto a una traducción, ya la tengo hecha. El problema es que el motor no soporta tildes ni signos de puntuación de apertura (al menos de base), dejando el texto poco prolijo por lo que decidí no seguir adelante ¿lo necesitas para algo particular?

The music and sound effects are so good 👌👌

When you create an exit, you should click on the third button of the left panel (the one that should be a gear, but looks like a sun, next to the button of a pencil). From there you go to transition effect and select "wave", and that's all!

Hope this helps you! (and that you liked the game, also 😁)

Sure: or dm me on twitter at @ItsBorza

Of course! I'll be glad if you use it, be my guest.
Would love to watch it when it's posted, too!

Simple and great! Would love to play it on a real mobile 🤗

Of course! Very iconic

This is a great use of the engine (also, loved your art!). A good example of working outside the regular limitations to create something out of the ordinary 👏👏

I agree that once you start working with a team, it's hard to go back... In another GWJ I will try it 🤩
And I will most certainly take you on the tip/critique proposal! Same to you, if you need opinions on game design/ narrative 👉

Hey, thanks for playing it! 

It's a little chaotic but, as you said, it's the intended feeling. I'm actually remaking this project into a full version, with variant characters and the ability to throw people around haha. Development is a bit short, tho, but we are heading there...

The sound effects, oh my god 🤣🤣🤣

Okay, I see what you mean. Thanks for the musical examples!! Really dig the 19:11 one (kind of a Celtic/Scottish vibe) 🙌

Glad you like it! I actually prefer a little more develop pixel art style, but I don't have the talent for it. I have to practice more 😅

I will be improving the animal AI, so they don't go running in front of you by accident, so expect more chasing!

I should consider teaming up with someone! This was my second entry in the GWJ, but I always end up working on my own mainly to challenge myself to do everything (here's my first game, if you are curious).

Thanks for the support and kind words! 🙌

Thanks for your feedback!

I agree that a way to check on a map could be interesting to implement  🤔

Thanks for the feedback!

It REALLY needs an in-game tutorial 😅  When you stay still, you convert metal into "culture" ( a hidden resource), which defined how many people will join each time you arrive at a new city. Also, if you are caught by bandits and don't have enough metal for them, they will take even more food as they originally would, and will kill some of your people.

Muchas gracias, ¡me alegro que te haya gustado!

Al final, siempre recibimos lo que merecemos (? jajaaj

Thanks for playing!
I hope the police don't think of this as a call to revolution 😅😅😅😅

Thanks for your feedback! Hints and sound are a must. Do you have any example music in mind for the "adventurer vibe?

Thanks for the feedback!
You have hit the nail with the upgrades and random events. Those were some things I wanted to implement as well! 😅 This ended up being a base prototype for it

Glad you like it!

I would like to make an update to fix everything that was listed (and add some little stuff that has to be cut out, listed in the "for the future" section). You gain score by commercing with cities and gaining resources from mines and lighthouses (of course, without a tutorial, you wouldn't wouldn't have a clue 😅)

(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback!!

I think a "press E" interaction would have solved the city popup problem. That was a lack of testing on my part 🤔

Glad you like the general idea, tho! In the mines and lighthouses, you can leave people and, when you come back sometime after, you can retrieve them, with a payment made in metal/food (although the equation for it is a little broken haha)

Damn, it's true that the city popup is frustrating. I think a "press E" interaction would have solved that. With a little more testing this would become apparent. Sorry for missing it! 😅

Glad you like the general idea, tho! In the mines and lighthouses, you can leave people and, when you come back sometime after, you can retrieve them, with a payment made in metal/food (although the equation for it is a little broken haha)

Time is a cruel mistress, indeed 😅

Well, this was fun! Nicely done ^^

The tiny crowd made me happy. A wave of self-validation was brought upon me haha

I lost my first sheep to a bear because I thought that just two people couldn't stand against one. Then they start throwing stones and the big duffus just ran away... so yeah, bears aren't so tough.

Once you travel there's no way of going back, right? Or you have to keep trac of the names in the stones? I lost myself a little bit haha

Well, there's a story and nice art. The jump is a little bit stiff, I fell too many times haha (But I'm not the best at platformers)

Cool that you have implemented the random generation (with a seed!). The concept was nice too. Sadly, I wasn't able to get to the hut 😥

Cool game! The implementation of the leaderboard was pretty interesting.

I find it a little tedious to move from planet to planet (maybe the random dialogs could pass by automatically during travel instead of freezing the ship?)

This game is amazing! Loved the art and the concept. It's somewhat similar to what I had in mind. Glad to see it done way better 😅

The controls are a little stiff, tho. It would be good if they highlight where you are sending the tribesmen because many times they appear that they are going somewhere but they get stuck and don't do anything. Speaking with stuck, in one playthrough I lost a wagon because it got stuck against a body of water and the rest of the caravan continue moving, and in a second playthrough, the whole caravan got stuck against a mountain, and have to reset the game...

Apart from that, I truly enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!!

Actually, I haven't managed to edit the font, it's the Godot one (I found it a little tedious to change it) 😅
Glad to hear that even without tutorials you manage to understand it! I was worried 😥

Haven't thought about the color tiles. It could work! 🤔

LOVED IT. The simplistic art style, the gamification of the RE4 like inventory system, the sound, the humor!! This is going to my list of favorite jam games of all times. 

Truly, a testament to what someone can do in such a short time with a clear goal in mind: simplicity and excellence.

Monthman rocks 🤙
Love the art style (although the composition with the background looks a little confusing), and music!
Found it a little too easy, perhaps (didn't even needed to use the pet)

(1 edit)

Curious, but interesting goal overall. If you show how much of the song it is left, it might get pretty tense. I would like to see a little more variety on the map, like a challenge of some sort. Nothing that would kill you, but something that will make you slower, for example. 

And I don't know about not having a clear route, or a way to access hints. It's easy to get lost or lose track of the places you already been...