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its ya boi uh skiny dicc

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can you finish the game or is it endless?

hey love they game but im stuck i cant get out of town after i find sarah it just tells me either random letters or a language i dont know and then my chosen name please help

great game!

i'm having problems when i downloaded the game it asked me to pick something to play it on and i butter fingered and i pressed vlc now when ever i press download it downloads vlc documents and it doesn't work

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bruh i just saw a game with the exact same thing going on i mean it has ninjas or samurais one hit kills and complicated moves

the game is called first cut

this looks beautiful i cant wait to play!

whats the link?

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It seems from the video up top that there is only Ancient Greek or Roman buildings or maybe Egyptian. 

Can you try to put in more variety in types of buildings?