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so glad i stumbled upon this! truly, truly, truly beautiful.

weird game but like really fun and nice also

hey mii! thank you very much for playing and for sharing the video! it's the first time someone records a playthrough of one of my games, so i was super excited to watch it. it came out great! :]
always & forever 2's script is done, all that's left is to actually make the game; that said, i've been very lazy about it, so it'll take time. but it'll get there, eventually!

it's my pleasure! i only pointed out the bugs because i enjoyed the game so much as to care about it. looking forward to see what other things you can come up with! :]

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this could be not an error but a narrative tool, but i thought i'd mention it anyways:
when you're reading the mind of your roommate, at some point it seems there's a loop of events, starting from "There's nothing redeeming about me" up to "How could I be angry with them if I had any worth at all?".
this happens when you choose (something funny that happens is that you only get to choose in the first repetition of events--before that, the game automatically chooses the second option, and plays the game as if you did that. this also happens later, in the second loop situation) to think "And look what I've done with it;" it loops.

having chosen "...I'm grateful for them," i see that yet again it comes to another loop. it starts at "...But that's just an excuse, isn't it?" and ends at "They're probably judging me back. Right now, maybe."
this happens when you choose to think "Like [name]... They must wish they didn't have to deal with me anymore" (once again, before the loop begins, the game acts as if you chose the second option when you didn't).

if it's not an error and it's some sort of symbolism, then i'd suggest re-evaluating that, because it comes off more as an error than anything; personally, it doesn't help me to be immersed in the story.

another thing that happens is that, even after Adelaida leaves the room, their sprite remains on the screen.
since this is most possibly an error, it makes me remember of how your roommate's sprite appears on the screen whenever the main character goes to sleep and the background is black. could that be an error as well?

also, when you choose to stay in bed on Adelaida's day (the same day in which the error i posted above happens, if you choose to have breakfast with your roommate), it goes from the narrator saying "You sleep until around 11:00 AM. Earlier than usual" to the middle of Adelaida's case, without actually showing they enter the room or something.

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hi there! seems like i got an error </3 i'll leave the traceback here, since i can't send the screenshot. besides that, the game has been really good! really, really good considering it's your first one. the content warnings within the game are a nice touch. keep up the good work!


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/script.rpy", line 1293, in script

    h "..." (sad)

  File "game/script.rpy", line 1293, in <module>

    h "..." (sad)

NameError: name 'sad' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "game/script.rpy", line 1293, in script

    h "..." (sad)

  File "renpy/", line 707, in execute

    args, kwargs = self.arguments.evaluate()

  File "renpy/", line 191, in evaluate

    args.append(renpy.python.py_eval(v, locals=scope))

  File "renpy/", line 2276, in py_eval

    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)

  File "renpy/", line 2269, in py_eval_bytecode

    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/script.rpy", line 1293, in <module>

    h "..." (sad)

NameError: name 'sad' is not defined



Penny For Your Thoughts 1.0

Sun Apr 17 23:12:05 2022


this is really nice! a comfy little game. (:

this game could be described as one of those perfectly cozy moments, in which the world seems to stand still and breathe, albeit with a tinge of sadness.  thank you very much for making this!

...i thought the "annoying tune" was a metaphor about what you think about your game, but then i remembered that you released an album by the same name. anyways, i think both your game and album are meaningful. thank you.

i think it's a rather nice tune.

such a delicate piece of work! i'm happy i finally got to play it. my only regret is not having experienced it alongside a cup of coffee.

this was amazing... i loved the writing so much! the art reminded me of etherane's style (especially the one showcased in "tomorrow won't come for those without [blank space]"), and that in and on itself is so special to me.
thank you for making this!! :D

absolutely amazing. thank you.

this reminded me of how weak i am to romantic stories; skimmed through the art gallery while still in tears. thank you so, so much for making this game!<3

this was beautiful, as expected from you! i can easily notice the delicacy in the writing, art, and music selection. thank you for this warm experience. :]

so very beautiful! congrats on the release :]

this is beautiful!! i can feel the care put into the game's writing and ambiance! reminds me a lot of OFF hehe

well, i'm sure it (the "sad looking stump") is tired too; it's implied that the narrator you speak of is the personification of it's self-hatred (recall the post-ending dialogue? the narrator says "It'll always have me" "I'll be keeping it company"). self-hatred isn't always logical, nor is it always justified—especially when dealing with stuff like depression.

dOne. can confirm. good. very.

this game is impressive! the writing is so ethereal yet down to earth, needless to say so very pretty. :D

this was very, very nice<3

beautifully painful. thank you and i'm sorry

so very beautiful<3

this was very nice! i may not be the smartest reader ever, and i can tell because i didn't completely understand what this little story meant, but i get to love your game nonetheless!
when i saw the cover image, i knew this would be something worth its time<3

this is absolutely awesome! weirdly (because I'm not extremely similar to the main character), I'm left feeling somewhat understood. thank you very much for that!

thank you very much for playing! i almost cried too, the first time i read the story.......... *sob*

very beautiful :]

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this is absolutely awesome, I was left dumbfounded.  most of the time I had no idea of what was happening (i still don't fully understand, to be honest), but the entire run was incredibly fun!

the characters are super likable and fun to read -- wanted to mention that I loved your representation of intrusive and fleeting thoughts, with Shira.

the art is really unique; it gets some time to get accustomed to it, but it grows on you and you end up loving it. the choices for the characters' design are really, really nice! gotta love Odin's red scarf.

as for the music; man. I have no idea why, but I tend to not expect much quality from the audio part, while playing visual novels. naturally, I was surprised. the amount of hype that it conveyed to me was so much that i couldn't help but laugh from the excitement! it was lovely, thank you very much.

another quick thing: I absolutely loved Rags' and Odin's fight, it's just super raw and heartfelt!

really good job, kudos to the entire team! can't (but I'm willing to) wait for arc II!

this was really nice<3

This was a great read!

hello jay! thank you so much for the thoughtful comment c:
i'm glad you like the little animations! my plan is to have those in every background to, as you said, make everything feel a bit more alive.
in regard to the writing part, i understand that! my english has yet to become perfect, as it isn't my natal language; will definitely give it a look and try to rearrange some sentences! and also, will 100% find a way to make the "he/she said" dialogues have a bit more sense.
as for the typing sounds... i used them with the intention of showing a bit more of the characters' personality, their timbre of voice, and as a tool to show there's dialogue happening when there's no namebox (the garden scene). i personally feel it's a bit necessary, so maybe i can find another way of not 'corrupting' the introspective vibes! something like making the typing sounds a bit softer, we'll see c:
anyways, thank you for playing and taking the time to write that comment of yours, i truly appreciate it! i'm hoping i get to make more things of your liking~

what an accurate comment

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just checked it out actually! i'm not really into erotic VNs but man, the humor was on point!!! if you ever make a non-erotic game, please consider making it a comedy one!
the art was also really nice! i love how there are so many different takes, it really gives life to the story.
gotta say my favorite scene was the "villain" one, the effects and the direction of it were just amazing and hilarious, really really good job!!

hi there! thank you so much for your comment, really cheered me up! this is actually the first comment i get about the game on itch, and i was getting kind of nervous (as i thought people didn't like it that much) but this reassured me! c:
i will make sure to play around with the 'typing sounds' and, hopefully, get them to work better
let's hope i'll make more things of your liking! do consider following me, to get a notification for when i do<3

thank you very much for posting yours! let's hope more people will eventually~!
will be checking this game out tonight or tomorrow probably! c:

wHOA this is so cute and sweet!!!!!! i mean, except for the gorey part, which isn't cute (but still awesomely good!!)... omw to play the sequel<3<3