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Sim seu cabeça de lixo

*Chak chak* delet this

You are a fucking nerd.

He would NEED to PAY someone to PORT THE GAME into android! IT'S NOT THAT FUCKING HARD!!

silence. BEGGAR

but he won't u beggar

Mystman12 says: no

Sometimes, Principal's whistle overlaps with the last one. That's pretty much an thing that can be easily solved.

delet this

Resultado de imagem para Delet this

Well that's a shame, i thought there would be Baldi too.

well if there are gonna be easter eggs. i can't wait.

Yeah, the game is GOOD, but i can't afford it, i know it's cheep cheep. but here in Brazil dollars are different than royals. Well farewell, Windows 7 is that BAD to run Unreal Engine games, maybe one day i will be able to do models like you, maybe an Mario model in this style you choose.

Why is my game broken? No sounds or music plays, wait, the game is an 2007, it should have BEEN fixed! Maybe an 2019 edition?