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Hi guys, i loved this software, using it now for a game i'm working on.

Just wanna know if there's some way to select and drag multiple layers of a frame simultaneously, would be awesome for my workflow, sometimes i draw in a bigger canvas than i need and need to relocate the drawing to make the canvas the smaller possible.

Also would like to know if you guys have plans to make a rotation tool for selected content instead of entire layer.

Thanks for the tool, is helping a lot :D

Really cool and creative :D

Really hard to run, my laptop is good and yet my cooler was about to go crazy lol.

Nice game ^^ really cool idea, reminds me of katamari damacy, would be cool if the sphere scaled up as you collected rock textures.

That's sooo confusing and sooo cool ant the same time, congrats on this. really good game and game design

Really cool pinball game ^^ 
liked the sound fx and the explosions too, nice job

Really good game, really hard as well but fun ^^

Really cool game, filled the whole grid with craftings but it never ends lol, stopped at 520, really entertaining

Took me a while to figure out some things about the game design but it's really fun and enjoyable, after i figured it out was really good.

nice job ^^

Really cool game, sometimes is frustrating not seeing the enemy and being hit by it but with time i've got better and turne arround every time to see it all lol 

congrats on the game ^^

Really cool concept of dying to prevail lol 

loved the game, really funny.

This was brilliant lol

super fun, funny game, the ending is perfect lol

Thanks ^^ Glad you liked it, also glad you pojnted the fact that they throw instead of shooting, is one of my favorite things lol

Glad you enjoyed the visuals and sounds, maybe later you can find a friend to play, i think about adding a single player mode after the jam

Thanks ^^

Nice game, really long time to win but really tense, i feel kind of sick to say i loved the frog's blood lake lol

can't wait to play it again in the post jam ^^

it still awesome that you did it ^^ 

Congrats on finishing the game  :D  

Thanks for playing ^^

Glad you liked it :D 

Thanks for playing my game ^^ 

The art is amazing and the feel to place things is also very satisfying, really enjoyed playng, sometimes it bugged to pick anothe building on the deck but besider it is pretty fun. you shuld definitively keep working on this ^^ 

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Nice game, liked the sword controls ^^ found the game to be really hard to beat and wasn't able to do it myself XD probably i suck


that was impressive, great work from the team who made it, it's almost perfect. the only problems i've exerienced was with the game almost blowing up my GPU at some point XD probably cuz of my energy saving settings, sometimes the character stuck on the wall a little bit but no big deal.

awesome game, congrats to the team again!

Really good, had a lot of fun, liked the tile destroying mechanic and the guns felt very good as well :D

really awesome, great work!

Really good, loved it. i've got stuck on the other side of the wall once i finished hitting a ball close to it XD but besides this bug the game is really fun ^^

Really had fun with it, cool efects and sounds ^^ just wish when you were hit by an enemy you felt it more, but it still awesome to play and the enemy variety is good, good work on this one ^^

Really liked it, felt a bit confusing sometimes if my shots were hitting and sometimes a little too long for them to hit or for the enemies to die, but still awesome, would be cool since the enemies take some time to die if an enemy HP bar was added to kind of show your progress on killing the enemy.

Otherwise great work, really awesome 48 hours game ^^

I found the easter egg :D just didn't knew how to get out of it alive XD

Really fantastic that this is your first game and you managed to do this in 48 hours, legend.

Really cool, perfect use of the theme, a little hard but i think it's just me that sucks XD

Awesome you made it in 10 hours, great work!

Cool design, liked the whole concept even sucking at it lol 

congrats on the game, super cool

Wasn't able to play cuz is missing files :/

let me know when you re-upload the version with the files so i can play it ^^

Thank you :D
really glad you enjoyed it ^^ after the jam i'm probably gonna add more random itens ^^

Really liked it ^^

Coll little game, a bit short and easy but the controls are good even if sometimes the character flickers it still works fine. nice work! ^^

Was fun to fill the entire screen with producers and sellers XD

just wish there was more options like deleting parts and adding more things behind the shop tab. the cutter had no use in my gameplay, when is it supposed to be used? and the rollers are unecessary since you can spawn one producer connected directly to a seller :S

Otherwise the game is really entertaining, really addicting to fill the screen.

Nice game, there's some bugs but really cool you made it for the jam ^^

That's really good and polished, one of the best if not the best i've played on the jam

Really good game, i wish i could replay when i lost but still really awesome :D

That was impressive as hell, incredible you managed to do this in 2 days. really cool and fun, congrats

Really good animation and idea, i have only 4 months of unity?  dude you are awesome, the game is amazing.

Really cool game :D

That was awesome :D really cool you did all this in time, really fun, congrats