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If master server can't ping you, then it won't list your server. There wouldn't be any point of listing inaccessible servers to server list. Also, if you choose not to list your server, other players can still join through direct IP, either local or public. :)

Hi there!

It appears to work for me. Few things to check and be aware of:
1) There isn't any official servers.
2) Make sure that the host isn't behind VPN and/or has their ports opened.
3) Hit refresh to update server listing.

If none of these will fix the problem, could you open this issue a bit more, please? I just tried to host a game and it listed as expected.

I am constantly developing this project, fear not! I'm not stopping until it's ready!

As a word of warning: If you open the menu while there's portals on the field, it will crash the game. Silly little bugger managed to sneak its way in!

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My own forever project called Portal Mortal! Deadly 2D platformer, which combines elements from Portal and SuperMeatBoy. Currently in Beta stage.