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Is there any way to add the saves and item saves onto the html download version?

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The 100% view mode is too zoomed out and I am not used to playing like that


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So I recently just purchased the downloadable version of Mutilate-a-doll 2. First of all when you go on the game on the web it says that the Mad2 download edition is out now! and it says below - All updates included, play offline and Better Performance. The performance is RIDICULOUSLY slower than the web version, tried on both executable and flash files. I am mostly disappointed with the fact that it is almost unplayable when I load one of my saves from the web version that doesn't have barely anything on the map, so that wouldn't be what is causing the lag. Also because I cannot even load my custom items from the web version onto it and that I cannot even browse the user created files (I know that there isn't anything you can do about the last one). But this saddens me and I feel scammed out of $10.

I most likely will not be refunded but I really would like my money back. Thanks