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Silvio Carréra

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It has tons of potential. Gameplay seems good, AI works well. It needs better balancing though. The beginning should be more welcoming. The art is a bit confuse as well. The tilesets color kind blend with the UI. Maybe go for more contrast on that. Wish you all well :) 

Your work is amazing!

Make the bubble collider slightly more forgiving and that would be awesome :)

curti a música do oasis no fundo. O paralax atrás deu uma certa agonia. 

Definitely. Thanks for the kind words.

Interesting! Will look into it :)

No problem. All the best ^^

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Nice.  Feedback on it:
- Artwork is awesome
- It would be better if the player started close to one delivery right away
- After a while hint the direction of a new delivery
- Maybe pull the camera a bit when going faster could help avoiding unwanted collision
- Not sure if it was off on my PC but I couldn't hear any sounds or music