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I played this game and it was interesting and quite fun, but the biggest flaw is the lag after almost every animation that was played..... made my experience slower than bloody usual.

I played the game.... but since it was badly optimised (or not optimised at all) I couldn't play anymore of the game. I did play a bit though and I did find it fun and a bit funny but it was pretty laggy.

Played this game..... was pretty fun..... and scary..... and frustrating..... but still fun.....

I definitely enjoyed this game! Not sure if I will do another vid on it but did enjoy it!

I played the game.

I now regret playing it.....

(I actually don't regret playing the game lol, but it's too scary XD. Also, Unless switching the video mode to PSX doesn't speed up performance of the game, I don't know what will lol. It was quite laggy when encountering the nun and that's why I couldn't escape...... plus the loudest noise ever lol)

Another awesome DMG game! Looking forward to Nosferatu game!

Made a video on this game: pretty cool game actually. Doesn't include any jumpscares, so that's a plus!

Would I be able to have a key for this game, as I am one of the people who have pre-ordered PDM. I got the email from you and I didn't know where else to message you lol.

This game has been featured in my 3 Random Games video as the 2nd game I play.

I think the game ok, or better yet good, but there were a few jumpscares that just put me off. You don't scare someone with just jumpscares, unless they make sense like a light breaking and ending your situation in darkness.

Overall, I think the game is pretty creepy but it's not really enough to get people or myself immersed properly. I liked the fact that the environment is inspired by Amnesia, that's a plus!

Here's my video:

This game has been featured in this 3 Random Games video and I think you can tell by the thumbnail lol. I actually enjoyed the game but..... eh, I think you should watch it yourself!

When the full game comes out I AM SO GOING TO GET IT!

Here's my playthrough of it: 


I would play more of the game but..... it does require a powerful PC to properly play on. I enjoyed it though, nevertheless the lag.

I made a video on this game..... IT WAS AWESOME!


I mean yeah.... I love the previous Simpsons games on like GameCube and PlayStation but I LOVED THIS ONE TOO!

I AM BACK! With a video of this demo!!

Just made a video of this game as the 3rd and final game in my 3 Random Games series. 

I just posted a video that involved your game as the first game I play in my 3 Random Games series. 


Oh yeah, and I apologise for tagging your twitter name in my tweets about me playing this game. I am a small channel that is trying to get noticed on YouTube through personality and passion.

Here is FINALLY my video of this game! I had a break from making videos and that's why I am pretty much late for those trendy games lol.

I have uploaded a video of MORE MODDING WITH BALDI!

I felt as if I should share this video on here because I don't think I did before. Anyway, this game features in this video as the first game I played.

If you, the developer, would like me to stop posting my videos to here, then please let me know because I hate spamming or advertising when I shouldn't. I am only doing this because my videos wouldn't get noticed by other people.

But anyways, here's another video of me playing this game.

I do apologise for asking a question like this but.... why does this game require money? Why can't it be "pay what you want" or "It's free, but you can pay this amount"? Why does it have to priced? I want to be able to play it for my YouTube Channel, in the future, because I have loved and known about The Theater creepypasta for a long time. I want to give this game a go but.... there's a pricing. If you could email this game to me at "", if I think the game is a "well-done" game, I will buy the game to support you!

I just don't want to buy indie games to then result in me not liking the game and not being about the refund the game because of the ridiculous service they provide on these platforms.

So, if you see this comment, could you please send the whole game to that email that I provided?

Thank you for reading, hope to play your game soon! :)

- iSeeLT - YouTube Personality in Gaming

In this video, I showcase what the previous versions of Baldi's Basics were like. They were pretty difficult.... weird..... and funny and quite creepy. Have a look yourself! 

Here is my latest video, enjoy!

I hope people aren't getting bored of my videos of Baldi. The mods are pretty cool but not much in the mods. They either change the texturing of the game and make it either funny and creepy. The mods I enjoy are the ones that either make the game harder or make the game easier OR change the game entirely. Like the PLAY AS BALDI mod, which I played before.

But, here's my newest mod showcase video for this game

Forgot to share this video, sorry

Hi there, I just made video about this game. I hope you enjoy the video cuz this game scares the hell outta me! 

Whilst looking at it, I agree with you on that.... :(

I recently downloaded this new update 0.0.3 but I saw 8-BitGaming's video of this game and they have a brand new version. Is that new version already available or do people get early access? Because this version is not the same as the one they played.

Dude, I am also an adult here and I think you are overthinking things. This game is simply a fan game of Baldi's Basics because he loved the game so much that he wanted to create something inspired by it but also credit the game inside the game itself. This game isn't receiving any money and neither is Baldi's Basics, so there is nothing wrong with this game. It's incredibly scary and fun at times. As far as I know, this game is not for a Game Jam but Baldi's Basics is/was.

I do kinda understand where you're coming from but think of the game and the developer about why he made this game. Criticism is always helpful but when you write it in that way, like you have, it's not much help to anyone, honestly.

I am only expressing my opinion on this.

I forgot to share my newest recent video of Baldi where I play the newest version of the game. Here it is: 

I have made another incredible video for this game, but the video does not involve the newest update but my next video does!

In this video, I play some of the craziest Baldi's Basics mods I could find (but I couldn't play the Hello Neighbor mod.....)

Here's the video: 

I played Dora is Dead and Scooby Horror beforehand and now I have played THIS game!

I especially like this game because the chasing sound is pretty scary AND they legit roam around and could pop up as soon as you open a door! 

Here is another "awesome?" video of me playing this game. I don't, however, play the newest version of this game yet until a video I have made for the future, in which I will also share here.

But here is the video: 

I wish the performance was better too but blame my 2-3 year old computer that is surprisingly still working to this day.

I found the menu screen music the creepiest parts of the video lol, but the monsters were just a laugh! I need to check out Sesame Street and the other "recent" games of yours, nevertheless the performance.

No problem, ma dood! It was about time I played some of them!

I am gonna be quite honest, and quite apologetic too.

This game and your Scooby Horror games are not scary to me but more funny and enlightening, especially the Scooby Horror ones because of how it plays into my childhood.

I probably would've liked it better if the performance was a bit better on my computer but hey.... we don't all have the money for things.

Oh yeah, here's a video on me trying out your games!

Hello there! (Totally not an Obi Wan Kenobi meme XD)

I recently played this game in a video of mine.... but.... not as a standalone video. (As in I put this game in a video as well as several other games too)

What I am saying is... I have a video that involves me playing this game but also playing other games that may seem like game advertisement but it really isn't trying to.

Here it is! Quite an "obscure" title, isn't it? XDDDDD (i'll stop...)

This game didn't reveal any disgusting face, except this one! XD