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I wish the performance was better too but blame my 2-3 year old computer that is surprisingly still working to this day.

I found the menu screen music the creepiest parts of the video lol, but the monsters were just a laugh! I need to check out Sesame Street and the other "recent" games of yours, nevertheless the performance.

No problem, ma dood! It was about time I played some of them!

I am gonna be quite honest, and quite apologetic too.

This game and your Scooby Horror games are not scary to me but more funny and enlightening, especially the Scooby Horror ones because of how it plays into my childhood.

I probably would've liked it better if the performance was a bit better on my computer but hey.... we don't all have the money for things.

Oh yeah, here's a video on me trying out your games!

Hello there! (Totally not an Obi Wan Kenobi meme XD)

I recently played this game in a video of mine.... but.... not as a standalone video. (As in I put this game in a video as well as several other games too)

What I am saying is... I have a video that involves me playing this game but also playing other games that may seem like game advertisement but it really isn't trying to.

Here it is! Quite an "obscure" title, isn't it? XDDDDD (i'll stop...)

This game didn't reveal any disgusting face, except this one! XD


This was different, weird but fun-ny to play!


I am saying this because I very much enjoyed the game. I loved how the messages were progressively getting weirder and weirder. This is definitely a creepy experience!

This game was the first game that I played in my recent Game of Three video. (Yes, this type of video is sort of based from Three Free Games with Pewds)

I have played 2 other games, which you can watch if you want to but if not, you can just watch the first game I play which is your game. Hope you enjoy! 

I loved this game. Not only does the game look like the show, I am able to roam about in the 3D world of the Krusty Krab. WHAT GAME ALLOWS YOU TO DO THAT?? None other than this game.

Here's my video on this game, tell me what you thought in the comments. Hope ya like! 

I made a recording of this game a week ago, but the video went up today!

I am actually proud of the work you have done here to make the game, what it is right now! I played 2 versions of this and and that includes the Tech Demo and the latest build on this page.

Here is my video, in case you wanted to know my thoughts on the game: 

(I called the video "Corridors" because that was the initial name you gave the game and I must say that the name is very clever because the game is pretty much a corridor or a never ending corridor. I think you should keep the name, unless it has been taken....)

When playing this game, I thought it would be somewhat like/similar to Power Drill Massacre and it's clear that you have taken inspiration from that game. The only thing I dislike about the game is how dark it is and how it is easy to get lost in the maze, that's it. Here's my video: 

I played this game like a year or two ago and I found it absolutely terrifying!
I just played it again, recently, and there is NO change! It is still absolutely terrifying! XD Anyway, here's my "all-in-one" experience, that I call a video: 

Hey, I have made a video on this game. In my video, I do say that this is a bad game BUT only because I haven't experienced the FULL "thing" of this game. I might give it another try in the future perhaps.
Nevertheless, here is my video! Let me know if you liked the video or not. 

This game... surprisingly got me caught into it! I have no idea how but the way you made this game, I actually enjoyed it! You can check out my video and try and understand why XD

I played this game, on my channel. I found it to be an alright Pixelated Horror Game. It isn't the best one but it's not a bad one either! Here's my video on it, anyway: 

I honestly couldn't believe how immersed I was in this game but I truly was! Fantastic experience but sadly..... I didn't finish the game :(

But here's my cool playthrough! Let me know what you think.

Posted in Mono comments

This game is really fantastic! At first I thought that Mono was just gonna be a simple "Point-and-Click" horror game but NOOO, it turned out to be a really good free-roaming horror game! I really can't wait for the finishing outcome of the final version! Here's my playthrough:

Just recently played and recorded this game. Sadly, I wasn't able to retrieve the ending of the game but I think I got the deserved experience the game offered for me. Here is my playthrough of the game:

The game is OVERALL a good and UNIQUE horror game in MY opinion :D