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Even if I didn't enjoy the game, I can't hate the developers :)

I do, in fact, enjoy the phone display UI because I love games that feature a phone because it reflects social media and everyone uses a phone so it's a cool addition.

This game was SUPER COOL! I love Point-and-Click horror adventure games and this one hit the spot. Especially with the music used, I legit felt uncomfortable playing lol. Super well done!

This game confused me so much that it broke and resulted in me moving to another game lol.

I had no idea what I was doing (probably should've read description but I go in completely blind lol) but I enjoyed the conversations I read on the phone XD

This game is the last game I played and I gotta say... I did get a little bored and disappointed with this game.

I did, although, see your conversation with someone with similar opinion about this game and understand why this game is like it. I do, in fact, not enjoy mazes because it's annoying and tedious. Which is why I did not play the whole thing.

This game gave me much Silent Hill vibes! If that's not the direction you took the game, it still gave me them vibes. (First game I play and top video)

Hey there. So, I am not sure if you have seen me around before because I have played this game before and I am pretty sure I shared that video on GameJolt. Well, since it's now on, I thought I'd give the game another go and turns out.... it was quite the experience I wasn't expecting lol! I certainly enjoyed it and can't wait for the 2nd chapter!!

I have probably played one of the older versions of the game, I am not sure. I have recently played this in a 3 Random Games because other YouTubers were playing it and I wanted to find out why.... and I now found out why..... because it's kinda like a Granny game ish.... well.... to me at least. You have to escape him and avoid him but he's really fast and his jumpscare ANNIHILATES YOU.

For me, the game is ok and the way the game plays and sounds is pretty neat. It feels scripted, though, when you go down that hallway and then he.... maybe... hears you? I dunno. What I do know is.... I got jumpscared pretty good lol.

Here is part 2 of my playthrough of The Glass Staircase. It actually got more terrifying! Not really as terrifying as your other games but it's still pretty terrifying!

Not much of a fan of the whole gameplay, especially the rifle aim. I know you've already patched it but it's still a bit of a problem lol

Here is my video of this game, which is the 2nd game in my 3 Random Games series.

Honestly, I wanted to play more but the performance was hugely decreased by the level of quality in the scenery.

Played this game and I am loving it! Although, I have been focusing more on the atmosphere and not on the story. This is why I start getting a little "bored". Next time, I will have a different approach of attitude when playing this game.

It was so fun to revisit this game again! I am going to give it another shot, but I am so glad I got 7 notebooks WITHOUT cheats this time!

Thank YOU for making a Silent Hill inspired game! It is so nice to see people keeping the legacy of the original Silent Hill alive!

I did try to play this game before but thought it was a short horror game and didn't really bother much into it. So, recently I gave it another shot and I am really glad I did now! Here are my 2 videos on this game.

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

I played this game, only because another great developer rated this game.... but now I am not sure why lol. I am not saying your game is bad but I don't see what the game is meant to be. You'll see what I mean in this video (last game I play):

So I played this game..... in my 3 Random Games video.... but it *glitched* a lot..... (bad pun i know XD)

I had no idea what I was doing when I got to the book, but the game did creepy me out in some places..... so.... 10/10 IGN XD (Seriously though, good ambiance and visuals!)

(Second game I play)

I really like how the story is going and I just love text-based adventures as a whole! But, because it is a horror things... there needs to be some ambiance and possible sound effects to highlight areas of the story. Overall though, I liked it! (First game I play)

Even though it's a short game and that I wanted more of it, I loved it! I just love how simple it looks and the atmosphere and music really sell it! I have been wanting to try out FAITH but haven't had the time to yet. I am looking forward to it though.

I was a little excited to play this because it's about coding and I love to code. I was a little bummed out when I couldn't figure out how to progress.

You'll find out what I mean in this video:

Playing this game was so bloody surreal, it was amazing and really impressed me! I didn't like, however, the maze. I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong, which let me to quitting the game.

You can find my playthrough in this 3 Random Games video I did.

I played your game in this video. I loved the visuals and the soundtrack behind it and I do like the enemy but.... it isn't clear what you have to do. Yes I needed to find "the door" but there was so many bloody doors lol!!

This game demo plays out in very similar ways as a game that I tried to play a while back lol. 

The only part that I kinda disliked is the code part, all because I couldn't figure out what the code was actually telling me lol.

I played this in my 3 Random Games video btw, the 3rd game I play.

I played this game in my 3 Random Games and it is simply just a fantastic design and idea that you have put into a game! I originally loved (and got creeped out by) the video form of I feel fantastic, and to be able to play it in game form and CONTROL THE ANDROID.... you have made my life better XD good job dude!

Hey there, I recently played this game in my 3 Random Games video and I honestly thought it was pretty unique! Not many (barely any lol) games/horror games play out with you just looking around and not moving. Yes, FNAF has done this but this is more cooler. It's like a VR experience...... but without VR. Pretty cool.

This is the last game I play in this video and I gotta say, what a cool game and it did scare me a lot in places. I do feel a little left out that I haven't watched black mirror yet :'( but that didn't stop me from enjoying the experience.

This game was pretty cool, the fact that we had a weapon with not quite a bit of ammo, enough to fend off the enemies was a cool element. Plus, the fact that there are multiple endings... is also a cool feature. I did get disgusted by the bugs though.... ewwwww

(This is the second game I play in this video)

This game was kinda spooky at the beginning, with the distorted voice, but then when I teleported to the staircase.... I hadn't a clue what to do. I did read the instructions and it told me to go down and I did. You'll see what I did in this video (the first game I play)

Played both episodes but Episode 2 was wayy better in story wise, and I enjoyed it more than Episode 1

When I played this game, as part of my 3 random games series, I thought of this game as a really cool looking creepy type of zombie survival game. I honestly would've played more (resulting in longer video, lol) but I couldn't understand what to do in the sewers with that zombie and the trophy things.

I played it. It was very creepy.

The game reminded me of Neverending Nightmares combined a little with Fran Bow, both games I very much enjoyed! This game, even though it was just a piece of experience, delivered amazing atmosphere and dread for me. I am glad I played and recorded it!

Honestly, the experience may have been better for me if my computer wasn't so bad with the graphics. But overall, I think I had somewhat of a good time playing lol. I didn't expect there to be many/any scares but the creep factor was there and I could feel it. I liked it most in the dark :)

This is the 3rd and final game I play in my 3 random games video, and I gotta say... it wasn't that bad! I think I kinda gained the feeling of what the intended feeling of this game was meant to deliver. It did feel pretty claustrophobic and trapped at the end and then got a little weird.

Here's da video:

When I played this as part of my 3 random games video, I played as much as I could of the game but couldn't understand what to do when the man appeared behind the door.

Here's the video:

Holy crap this game was just good! I can't wait to play more!

This game is really cool, I really enjoyed it in this video I made. You probably may not be able to notice my enjoyment but I really did. It's a shame that it's unlikely that I will continue playing.... but I am glad I played it though!

I found this game and thought it would be creepy to play and the intro sequence did entice me into the game. When playing, it did feel like a Silent Hill inspired game, which excited me.... but up until the point where I was completely stuck. I was looking everywhere in every detail and couldn't progress.

But alas, here's my video:

I played this game and it was interesting and quite fun, but the biggest flaw is the lag after almost every animation that was played..... made my experience slower than bloody usual.

I played the game.... but since it was badly optimised (or not optimised at all) I couldn't play anymore of the game. I did play a bit though and I did find it fun and a bit funny but it was pretty laggy.

Played this game..... was pretty fun..... and scary..... and frustrating..... but still fun.....

I definitely enjoyed this game! Not sure if I will do another vid on it but did enjoy it!