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Thanks so much for the kind words! We're working hard to get the game out this year! :D

Details about the new features can be found in the Dev Update  :D

hey hey! so glad you enjoyed the demo ^_^ thank for the kind words, that's super encouraging <3 the plan is to do both and steam releases.

Hi, there! Yes, we're definitely still working on the game! Full version is scheduled to come out during the summer of 2021. Regular monthly updates are available on our Kickstarter page. You may also find updates on our Twitter! :)

Hey there!

Graphic designer/ GUI artist looking to join a team for this year's #yurijam (my first #yurijam...or any jam really)

My skills: graphics/screens/dialogue boxes (pro level), idea generating/bouncing person, organizer/manager, art director.

Time zone: EST.

My current (ongoing) project for which I did all the graphics (including Kickstarter assets): Synthetic Lover

Also all the graphics (logo, screens, dialogue boxes, phone interface, kickstarter assets) for 1st Degree

And logo for Chess of Blades

Preference: a sci-fi setting, but others are okay too

Please reach out on Discord Irlana#3411 or by email [at]  :)

Thank you very much! We're super thrilled we got the needed funding! Sorry you missed it!

In terms of pre-order, at the moment it's still a bit too early to say, but we'll definitely look at our options once the dust settles and keep you posted.

Thank you so much! <3 It was a crazy race against time but we are so glad the goals was reached! We're just about to catch our breath and embark on the next phase! We're one giant step closer to those beta builds now :) <3

We definitely will at some point!

We're super glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for making the play through! :D <3