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I love how this  actually looks like a psx game.  Too many indies just make a game and add a bunch of retro filters on top.

Controls are very suited for story telling.

Would love to see more!

Pros: Story telling was pretty good for a gamejam. Made me feel tense and scared even with the simplistic pixel art.

Cons: The screen motion blur thing didnt feel right. But thats just my opinion.

This def gets 5 stars for Theme.

Destruction was juicy and satisfying. I liked how every retry felt different.

Good: Controls and gameplay were surprisingly fun. I liked using dashing to get to places faster and skip over platforms.

Bad: Game atmosphere didnt make it feel like a halloween game. The models felt halloween-y but the lighting was a bit off.

Though the game wasnt very polished(imo). I did find exploring the island interesting. Gave me a spooky "dread" feel.

Very creative, has some nice ideas  and controls. Reminds me of an old atari game.

This is probably my favorite submission. Good controls and nice polish.

very good squishy controls 

True. il try to add/fix those things after the jam is over

pretty good