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Involuntary Twitch

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This game was super cute! I loved the cel-shaded look, and swimming around as a little fish was really fun. The music was also super pleasant and atmospheric. The controls were a bit awkward at first, but they really did a good job of capturing the feel of swimming around as a fish.

I'd love to see this get developed into a full game, with more characters and a story! Although when you do, I hope the little fish gets more capabilities... a dash function would be nice, or perhaps a sound to make that would call Idra to you. I like the gameplay mechanic of using Idra's light to guide you through darkened spaces!

(To be honest, I was a little worried that as an anglerfish, Idra would try to eat me! ;3;)

I've been looking forward to this!

This game is really cute, simple, and fun. The platforming controls feel clean & solid. It would be nice to have some sort of indicator of what the controls are though, including what button is jump & the fact that you can double jump. Also the game lacks a pause screen but I'm sure that will be added in soon.

I really like the pixel visual style, it's easy on the eyes with bright colors that pop. I think it will be even more fun with different kinds of enemies and platforms. One thing that it could use is platforms that are passable from underneath. It would be cool if there were bouncy platforms, destructible platforms and even a wall jump or a hover jump for NipNip (maybe through twirling his leaves like a helicopter?). I'm not really sure what all of the indicators and collectibles mean, but the cherry was really cute. I was expecting him to say something when I picked him up.

I love the idea of a top-down overworld map, though I hope NipNip gets a set of walking sprites soon! The look of the buildings is really cute though. It would be nice if that area was filled with other NPCs that you could interact with.

Nice work! Excited for more :)

Hi i made some pixels. I like doing Pokemon style sprites. Most of these are for a fangame I am making in RPG Maker.

(from an animated cutscene.)