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An infinite runner.

Ok thanks :)

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Mystic Mug game is designed for people who have ANDROID device and can spare few minutes a day to play. You choose one out of ten coffee mugs and try not to crash into sugar heads(enemy). Compete with your friends/colleagues, who has a higher score and beat the game!

Cyberpunk + Street Fighter = BTNC

Ive played many games already from this game jam and this is my favourite game so far. I was enjoying so much that i forgot what was the theme, speaking of that, im not sure where you implemented it? 

Overall, very good game and fun(which is most important when making a game).

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I wanted to answer wifes call .... Anyway, the game is simple like any other galaxy shooter, but i found it interesting to play. The sound and art is great and the notifications part is cool so well done doing a great job. However, i tried to kill myself multiple times and at first i thought i have infinite amount of lives, but i noticed that score resets each time. I think the game jam theme was not fully interpreted and somethings missing.

The game looks interesting, but I couldnt understand what to do. I can see theres instructions in the pictures, but there was none in the game. 

Thats a great game, great idead and use of theme. I enjoyed playing it!

Great game and great use of theme. Im not sure how skilled you are but for a team of 2 its a great accomplishment. animations and design work well and the game is enjoyable to play.

I really liked this game, but i had no sound? Would be nice to hear some bg music or effects :) .... I had a few times glitch with trampoline , it fell under the boxes and I couldnt get to it. Last level I didnt manage to swing onto the platform, but i used trampoline then rolled into a door haha.....Great use of theme. I liked the animations, i think they were great!

Good use of theme! Interesting game. Its a simple and straighforward game, but overall good effort :)

Interesting concept of a game. When moving the frog it sounds the engine starting up haha. Good effort!

Good use of theme. Interesting concept of the game :) The camera movement was a bit strange. Overall good effort!

The mouse model looks nice. Interesting game, although I wasnt sure how this relates to the game jam theme. Also shooting system a bit glitchy, but overall i enjoyed it. Well done :)

Amazing game, i loved the interaction with AI's. "Flirt" haha.  I liked the sound effects as well as graphics, i will take my inspiration for next game jam from this game! :)

This is an interesting game, you can combine sound effects when items collide with each other and the lights switch on/off. Very interesting idea and interpretation of the theme! Good stuff :)

Really good and interesting game. Fun to play. Good logic! Well done.

Fun to play game, basic visuals but interesting gameplay. Great work :)

Great game, it was fun. I liked the smooth shooting and bullets.  The zoom in and out when you have nothing or a lot of villagers works well! well done :)

I really enjoyed this game, it was fun! Graphics, animations, the whole environment is amazing and look cool. I can agree with other people comments. Thumbs up :)