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It's no problem! Thank you for replying!

I'm trying to checking out the full version's link, but it says I need a password to view the page. What do I do?

The game looks very promising, but the sprites move very slowly when I try to walk around, or don't move at all. It's very laggy for me, am I doing something wrong?

Awesome, thank you!

I'm missing the first two CGs on page 5, how do I get them? I've gotten all the endings and all other CGs, what am I missing?

Don't worry about it, take as much time as you need with the update! And the Queer Games Showcase looks really cool, I'll definitely be checking out the rest of the games! ^-^

I really enjoyed this game! I'm very interested in the story, I would love to know more about the sibling and the monster. Maybe even a happy ending where the monster and the girl get to stay together? 

Lovely game, you did a fantastic job!! <3

An otome where you can date merfolk? Heck yes!!! I love this artstyle, btw!! <3

I'm so sorry to hear about that. Please stay safe and take care of yourself, your well-being always comes first! We'll wait as long as you need us to <3

I'm really struggling to get any of the endings, my town always ends up being too weak. Does anyone have any tips? I really want to beat the game.

aaaaaa this was adorable!!! the exact kind of content i needed, thank you for the wholesome enby romance <3 <3

This was really touching and well-made. The writing really stood out, made the characters feel like real people. I'd love to see more stories with them in the future!

I'm super excited!! :D

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This looks awesome! I'm a huge IZ fan, so I'm really excited to play this :)

What is the difference between the PPSX demo and the PPMS demo? I'm not sure which one to download.

I was wondering about that as well, thank you so much for your response! I love how customizable and inclusive Our Life is, and I really appreciate that you guys are listening to the feedback. I'm so excited for the full game, thank you again for your hard work ^-^

excellent game! thank you so much for sharing your experience, and i hope that things have gotten better for you. take care <3

this is honestly a kinda cathartic experience, helping me calm down and allowing me to vent. thank you for this <3

I'm so excited for this! I really enjoyed Family Dinner, and I know Fireworks Night will be just as amazing!

This was really sweet, you did a great job! 

This new game looks awesome, it's a really cool idea and I'm excited to see more of it! Congratulations on your marriage, too ^-^

I really liked this! I think the idea for the gender sliders is really cool, too!

I'm very excited for this! As a queer transmasc person, this game means a lot to me! Thank you so much <3

I'm planning to buy both Lingering and Amplitude once I have the money, and I'm very excited to play them! It's up to you if you keep making VNs,  do whatever makes you happiest. I personally would love to see more VNs from you in the future ^-^

This was really powerful and wonderfully made. As a transmasc teen, it really means a lot to me. I'm lucky enough to have a supportive immediate family, but I'm still terrified of fully coming out. I would love to see more games that take place in this universe. Maybe Toby could get a happy ending.

I can't thank you enough for this game and how much it means to me. Amazing work <3

This looks so cute! I'm very excited to play ^-^

This was fantastic! The sound design was perfect. My heart was racing the whole time, and I kept holding my breath, waiting for what happens next. I got all the endings, and I'm so curious as to what happened! Really enjoyed this.

This was incredibly clever, with a great atmosphere. Most horror games rely on shock value and jumpscares, so this came as a pleasant (or at least as pleasant as a horror game can be, lol) surprise! I really enjoyed this, and I look forward to your future projects!

This was super cute and fun! I loved picking my armor and familizard, and the art style is so nice and colorful! I'm non-binary, and the representation means a lot to me ^-^ 

Is there any chance you will continue the story, or make more games set in this universe? I'd happily pay for a full game like this <3

Thanks again for this sweet little experience!

I needed this so, so much. I've always had a tendency to over apologize, and I found this really comforting. Thank you so much for making this.

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Alright, thank you! Looking forward to playing the game :D

Okay, thank you!

Hi! This is the first time I have done one of these topics, but I need help. I downloaded the game after purchasing the Bundle for Racial Equality, but it keeps downloading as a .rar file instead of .exe. It will not work if I try to open it. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!

this is honestly really fun! wonderful job <3

Thank you for this lovely little game! I find it very comforting, and I look forward to whatever you make next. Thanks again ♡