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I can still play the original game but I can't play this one. It says that "My browser doesn't support WebGL". Is there any way I can fix this or do something about it?

As a person who unironically uses a Chromebook, with no other device to play the game on, every other week besides week 6 is way too laggy. Even week 1 or the tutorial, which have the least amount of assets. And don't go commenting "Just download the game" or "Just use a better device" because with the Chromebook I'm using, only HTML files can be played and I don't have any other devices. I suggest if you want to take the easier route you could add a LDM mode, which would lower the graphics quality and remove some of the assets from the weeks (removing the lightning from week 2, some of the crowd in week 5, etc.). I'm not sure if anyone else has the same problem but that would be nice.

I really wish I could play this, but I'm on chromebook, and I don't have a computer ;-;