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Recent community posts << this link to sate mania game

Oh yes i forget sorry, this is link to game

Hello everyone, we from stg studio have released a new game called "Sate Mania". Easy gameplay, just tap - tap your hp screen to bring your satar customers. Increase the variety of satay recipe and stall facilities to increase the price of satay and customers come automatically keparungmu. Earn as much money as possible and become a great boss satay!

Features found in this game:
- 2 Languages (Indonesia & English)
- Increase various sate recipes to increase the price of satay
- Increase all facilities to increase the price of satay per second and bring in customers automatically
- Login every day and get great prizes!
- Increase all your customers and meet different customers

and many others ... If anyone asks what is satay, satay is the most popular food in Indonesia, the sate is made from pierced meat and then burned on fire ..

Please review and rating, 1 rating is very valuable to us .. Thank you

Here is the Screenshot  & Video preview :

Link project : Freedom (BETA)

Freedom is an openworld sandbox game that allows you to survive zombies and build whatever you want & this game can play online (still development stage)