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Somehow I guessed the "twist" right away like within the first 45 seconds. Just a lucky guess, I suppose? However I still enjoyed the experience!

Care to give a couple other recommendations for free games? The top 5 you mentioned?

Ahh I can't wait for this!!

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Hey, just wanted to say that my partner and I love and appreciate your content, we usually watch your playthroughs to wind down at night (I think your yt channel helps us sleep due to the combination of the artistic visuals of the indie games you typically choose to showcase, plus your calming-voiced commentary)

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I really enjoyed this! I loved that there were actual scientific concepts being used as the basis for this theoretical nightmare...for example, explaining how you can communicate with the patient by referencing Broca's area (the speech center of the brain) being hooked up to the machine. The pacing, with the hints toward weirdness/wrongness of the situtation amping up over time, was also masterful. 

Discover My Body reminds me of a classic scary campfire tale combined with a retro yet novel form of gameplay (-the scanning interface with different bodily systems and hot spots to click for dialogue). Overall this is a very clean, sharp and unique philosophical horror game. 

I would love to see an expanded version of the game, but if not, I look forward to seeing your future projects in general! And if you do have past games on, well I'm about to play them when I go to your dev page after posting this comment! :)

Edit: Just realized I had played Water Womb World by you a few days before this game- I knew Yames sounded familiar. Haha, anyway, loving your stuff.

Why get so angry at a *free* indie game that you have to spam its comments section?

I'd also love to know if you have read The Shining (by Stephen King) or watched the movie (by Stanley Kubrick). Perhaps you don't understand this game for a reason.

I'd also love to know if you have read The Shining (by Stephen King) or watched the movie (by Stanley Kubrick). Perhaps you don't understand this game for a reason.

Gotcha! Glad I could mention the MS games to you then, as a fellow Twilight Zone fan. Your game is awesome too! :)

So it's like a lighthearted version of Midnight Scenes? Cool...I'll try.

It's not all about youtubers...sometimes real music fits the game.

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I play Windows games on my ol' Macbook using Bootcamp :)

It's a process to set up but it makes it so you have both operating systems and can switch between them whenever (by restarting your computer and selecting which one to boot into). It's worth it though if you can figure out how to do it or get someone more computer-savvy to help you. Now I have the best of both worlds on my Mac: I can install & play Windows-only games on my Windows partition, and install & use Mac-only programs on my OS X partition.

(The virtual machine idea that Matute295 suggested is also a fine option, but games will run better if you actually have Windows running on your computer via Bootcamp)

iwan! I love your channel btw!

Oh hi, Neco!

Loved this experience. For some reason I had a hard time on the second collection mission and it took me way too long to catch one of the live specimens- I'm sure that's just me sucking though, haha. Underwater sci-fi horror is such an under-explored genre in my opinion (no pun intended). SOMA is one of my all-time favorite games and Water Womb World definitely reminded me of it, especially at the end (which revealed their similar themes). The mirror was a nice touch of foreshadowing that gave me a sense of dread from the get-go. 

Thank you for making this game (and releasing it for free)!

This is the first game of yours that I've played and I'm happy to see there's several on for me to play next- I'm sure I'll go through them quickly so I'm also anticipating your next release. 

P.S. This is so off-topic but I have to rant a bit about SOMA being tragically underrated/underplayed, especially compared to Amnesia. With SOMA, Frictional Games improved on every aspect of their game design, writing, art style...yet because it's not straight up horror in a castle or whatever a lot of people (including Amnesia fans) just passed it up and it's such a shame. I don't get those folks lack of enthusiasm because to me, the depths of the ocean is one of the most alien, mysterious, isolating, and all-around existentially scary environments imaginable. My point is that you, WWW dev, obviously "get it" because you really did the deep-sea setting justice in this neat, creepy little game! :)

All the hype? Are you sure you aren't mistaking this for Animal Crossing (New Horizons) for the Nintendo Switch?

Just admit you don't understand it.

Please let me know if you find anything!

This was the first game in a while that thoroughly freaked me out while playing AND the creeps stuck with me even after finishing. It also made me laugh at times...somehow it manages to be clever, entertaining and truly scary all at the same time! Just an awesome horror experience. I'm definitely checking out the rest of the dev's games next.


Same. For me that was somehow worse than what happens when you go downstairs, honestly!!

I personally don't think that would fit...the silent text works for what it's going for, the janky web presentation/powerpoint-y aesthetic, idk how to describe it exactly but something like that. Well maybe a voice could be done well in some way that I'm just not picturing...

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...retail? You mean realtors? Lol

I think you're right

No different endings as far as I know

"HQ Residential House" is an asset that is notorious for being used as the setting for sooooo many games. In my opinion it actually makes this even creepier, using a well-known/familiar house we've all been in in other games...and turning it into this. Whether a person consciously recognizes it like "hey, it is the same house as this other game" or maybe they just feel a sense of familiarity without realizing exactly why, either way it adds to the eerie feeling when playing this game.

I'm still waiting for the new episode!!! :)

I have a random suggestion, feel free to ignore:

I have an old beat up 2010 Macbook that I installed Windows on so I can actually play games! :P So to other gamers that only have a mac, I highly recommend creating a partition (Boot Camp). If you haven't heard of it, basically that means you keep your regular mac operating system and can use that as normal (for web browsing or whatever) Buuuut, you also have the ability to switch to Windows whenever you want to download/play pc games. (You just choose whether you want to boot up into OS X or Windows whenever you power on your computer) It took me a few tries to set it all up correctly, but it was well worth it.

So this is definitely inspired by the games American McGee's Alice and its sequel Alice: Madness Returns, right?

I hope it comes out soon!

I am so late to reply but this is still helpful, thanks for responding!

*Spoilers ahead, skip comment if you haven't played yet* 

Oh yeah I definitely didn't predict its appearance or anything specific, I just recognized the fact that I was being lured and the person on the radio was probably not to be trusted/fake...due to foreshadowing, of course- I assume you intentionally hinted at the truth with a few clues included along the way.

*End of spoilers*

Interesting. Maybe it depends on what features you pick or something?

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Oh John Wolfe played this?? I have to check out his video...I think I actually played this game BEFORE I discovered his yt channel but now that I know him I'll have to search for his playthrough. I can only imagine his reactions lol

Edit: Just realized I actually did know JW back when I played this originally, dunno what I was thinking. But somehow I still have never seen his playthrough of it!

Yeah for was still the good ending though I think! Just a bit open to interpretation.

It's a text based game and it's kinda a visual novel so..

I didn't get killed...after picking his eyes, hands and smile I said yes to opening my eyes to see him and he just decided to disappear. 

Not sure what the endings are, I only get the one where I open my eyes after picking all his features and he isn't there. He's too nice to kill you, right? When does he kill you???

Haha mine is simply "admin" so I just laughed out loud at that part.