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I'm pleased to hear that. Thank you.  I'll think about it.

So no happy end? ;( jk, I'd like to play it again when the current bugs are fixed.

This game was awesome. I couldn't complete that one level though.

That was a cool game. For me the fighting wasn't hard, the only thing i didn't understand was the "[N]joy" label. I didn't understand that I should press N. Other than that, the controls were understandable. Good job.

You finished something and that's great. But here are a few improvement suggestions: I'd reset the ink spots after the player dies. In the current state it isn't really that challenging. I'd also make the gun projectiles a different color because they're hard to see. Also if you press "next level" in the last level you start in the first level again and the other levels are locked again in the menu. I'd also add some audio for the atmosphere.

Cool game! My highest score was 476 ;) Sometimes I wished I could go backwards to dodge a damn syringe!

This game's graphics, music and sound effects are really great. But I feel it lacks some direction for the player. You don't really have a task to fulfill yet.

Cool game, nice music too. I liked how you could push JIM off the platform at the end ;)

I really like the game mechanics. Also the music and sound effects are great. What spoiled it a little bit for me was the "getting stuck" part. After a few times I learned that you couldn't move the blue square after you used the hook and had to press E. Then that's how I used it. But a bit later I got stuck for real, so that neither of the squares could move. I'll still give you a good rating because I think it is great overall.

Cool game. Why did you submit 2 games though? Snake3D and this one?

A pretty intriguing game! Well done. 

Thanks for the feedback Atreyu, hero of the never-ending story ;)

Thank you so much! It is very pleasant to hear that. The doll is also my favorite ;)

I'm glad you liked it! I think I know what you mean. You thought he would wish to bring his father back? That idea came to my mind when I wrote it, but I thought it would be "too much" somehow. What do you think?

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Thank you for the good feedback! I also appreciate it being in your favorites video ;) I didn't really create the art though, I just assembled it. My main tasks were the compilation of graphic assets that match and put them together to create the game maps, writing the plot script,  to find and add music that fits the mood and adding the game logic and events which control the progression.

Some of the art, like the walls and the floor are part of the run-time package of RPG Maker MV.  Other elements like the spider web covered furniture or the spooky doll were created by known artists of the RPG Maker forums and provided free of charge for the community. I consider this game mostly finished. I might make a few fixes but no more extensions to the storyline. If you want to play another game made by me, then check this one out: It's a demo of the project I'm currently working on. It might take you about 3-5 hours to finish. I'm glad you liked the game! Thanks for the feedback.

Omg, thank you so much for notifying me. I'll fix the download file after the rating ended. The thing is, I don't really know why this folder got deployed. It does not exist in the project. I don't even have the plugin included in this project but in another one.  And I did create a fresh project for this game and deleted a lot of the default assets. Do you have any idea why this could have happened?

This felt really good to play. It might be even better with music/sound effects. I noticed the same behavior that Slug_Overdose mentioned. I had 1 rare case where i fell into the "non accessible" area and disappeared.

This game was great. I really enjoyed it. One suggestion: at the last level it isn't really necessary to slow down the cannon with the blue thingy to be able to slide through with the yellow one. Maybe tune up the speed of the gun.

The concept of controlling a slime that can split its body seems interesting. But it's not that well implemented in this game yet. There is actually not very much to do. The slime splits randomly, the jump/move speed is way too high and if you jump out of the predefined game area the game is stuck. I can see this concept work well if you flesh it out.

The game is pretty fun to play. The game mechanics were self-explanatory. I have only two simple issues with it: after you hit the "start" button the controls arent working to direct the snake. Second: you shouldn't use flash because most likely people will need to install it just for this game and this might cause them to skip it, even though its a cool game.

This game was quite fun. The mechanics were clear very quickly. For me it was the opposite of what ClaytonWasTaken. I was done with the game in 1-2 minutes.

A very humorous game. I also couldn't finish game 3. I thought it was a little exhausting to play game 1&2 over and over to try to win game 3.

This game is great but waaayy too hard.