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this game is stupid and i love it.


would [BIG SHOT] again

i love the Reconstructing Science demake in the begining

First off my controls are not locked so the page moves up and down and second of all the graphics look  like a kid drew it in MS paint. But the platforming isnt bad

well you've done a great job

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I was expected this to be terrible being that it was made with construct but its actually pretty good. Like really good better then some real game engine games ive seen

ill take your entire stock

I appreciate your criticism and i can explain the second one apparently to meet the deadline i had to use a work around a bug where on itch the regular HTML5 build would not work so I have to use the development build meaning all errors show up in a console and when something is destroyed all references to that object stops working. It doesn't mean anything I recommend downloading the game as that is not a dev build and will not have the problem.

This game seems okish but its super unpolished and has alot of DEV textures and some things are just confusing

This is my new favorite logistics game its like free factorio but better.

100/10 game of the year the implantation of comic sans makes it seem so professional its up there with triple A tiles

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ah so its a early access. That makes a lot more sense I thought this was just the release build. Well thats fine its just if it was me I would have textured the maps a bit more. But I like the game and I will follow its development.

I didn't say it was bad I just said the total lack of level design and textures left a bad taste in my mouth.

Also don't call people a idiot just because they have a differing a opinion. This is not reddit.

controls are slippery and the game feels a little like a maze but i see alot of potential in this game

this game just isnt finished at all you should have worked on it more before releasing it

this is the dankest pico 8 game ive ever played

I fixed it! my new games will no longer have this bug

sorry here have a free cookie has a token of my sorrow its goose flavored

Aw crap you where supposed to land in the satellite that's too bad.

Thing is I don't use things like isGround functions. I just check if the player is colliding on the floor and set a bool to true. And I was aware of this bug but I ran out of time during the jam to fix it. Im looking into a new script already.

Probally the simplest but most fun game ive played yet in this jam

I love the biological background. How its based on real life biology with DNA code and mRNA and crap I cant remember from school.

it fun. Music gets respective but it loops well so its not a big deal

Stole my idea of taking place in a lab 0/10

im kidding its a good game

How does this even relate to the theme

Oops sorry

Your right

What is the point of the story its totally useless this is just a infinite runner that gets boring after a minute or 2

they are ready to go

im trying to say that you took to much from sonic R and sonic R was very clunky 

i played for HOURS if you but this on steam it could become a cult classic

there is too many low res horror games

yeah it feels like sonic R clunky controls bad level design and all

I forgot music but im almost out of time so Im sorry  but i couldn't add any

He is finnaly hosting another game jam

screw the other jams

what a 6 year old

y o u d o n t

this is brackeys tutorial but you managed to completely botch the lighting