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Hallo anyone, my name is scaraloxbruh and im looking for help.

About me; Im a game developer that makes meme games for fun. I been making games in RPG maker for 3 years  alt hough im not considered to do gaming development as a career. 

About my project; Im currently working on a final update for my first rpg game named "Goldbears great adventure" which you can guess is a passion project with barley any professonal thought into it.   I have a thought on a concept for a mini boss that you can enounter on the third level  of the game. which is some sort of owl with a axe on frames, as bizarre as it sounds.

What i need help with; Im looking for a producer that can make an uk drill beat boss theme.  (  witch means its just one song not a full ost)

simulair to beats like these;

(NOTE; The quality and the melody of the song doesnt have to be the same nor simulair like these examples, As long as it feels like a uk drill beat that's fine as well) 

What will you get in return: I mean i cant just take your work while you get nothing in return right? Although sinds the game is voluntary i cannot offer compensation, but you will receive full credits for your work. inside the game's page and in the game's credit itself.

where to contact me; If you have free time and willing to help me out, or atleast give it a shot, please contact me on instagram or in the comment seacion below,

-My instagram @icenightom_v01 or @firedaytom_v01


If you have any questions feel free to ask them below. 

And also thank you for your time to read this.


very enjoyable game having a blast with it. i barley have any complains for it, other than some wierd choice to place enemies and forgettable movement opinions but other than that i hope this game becomes a hit.

very great game lad

looks great

no man sky should take notes from this


if you like jokish rpg maker games

if you like jokish rpg games

if you like memes and jokes then this game might be for you


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make a trap beat with this ;)

do you make trap beats?

true ture

its even worse on rpg maker games

check its catecory for prove

open bob

stronk man

play geam plz lol

oh yeah also im busy with updating the game as well so if im done with its update

and if you want you can play the updated version as well when i release it :)

or play it idk