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The game whas good but now you cannot passe the second lvl. 

What do you mean?   I pass the second level basically all the time.  (i assume you mean the second map)

- ennemy have construct deck, you have not a construct deck just a pile of random card and if your a lucky some are good.

At the start of the game you don't have much choice in followers, but you can remove followers from your deck.   You are supposed to gain more followers and choose which followers to put in your deck, and which ones to remove.     If you are dying on map 2, then maybe you aren't getting enough followers to actually be able to make deck choices.

-Your money food and hope are constantly drain by random event.

Events give you the choice to give people food, you don't actually have to do it.    There are many events that give you hope, not drain it.   Almost no event takes your money from you.  Its your choice to buy something.   It matters which things you buy, and which things you don't, and that's how it should be.

-leveling are a pill of bullshit paying for level up in a game you are constantly in a fight for your live not a good idea. 

There is strategy in when you choose to level.   You can just choose to level later, if you need the money for other things.

I love this game but the evolution is really worrisome to much RNG you need to have more control on your deck.

Every Roguelike game like this has some RNG....   However, your play mostly determines if you will win or lose.    I'm winning around 90% of my games on Normal difficulty.

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Starter deck:

Mostly low cost cards.  This is why it includes Inspiration I guess.

The starting deck is quite good, and will allow you to kill early enemies without too much trouble.   Probably as good as Firebrand starting deck.

Pull-Push - surprisingly good utility cards.  Pull is a good amount stronger than Push since it can be easily used to block the 1st column with an obstacle.

Scratch - decent direct dmg.    

Blackout - useful utility card.

Bolster - "ok" buff card.   its a bit small but still useful in many situations.

Backstab - Very strong DD card.

Inspiration - Very weak card in general, but it fits into such a low cost deck.  Is good if you have Hedgehog Drone Permanent.  I deleted this card after a while.

Shot - decent direct dmg.

Blind Shot - Very strong removal card.

Mind Seize - I don't understand why this card is in this deck.  Its a pro-Drone card.   Seems a bit strange to find this in the card list of a non-Ruster class.  I see Ruster enemies using this card.   It is pretty low dmg and will hit your followers too, making it pretty bad.  It also does not help you against Rusters, which is one of the enemies that build up followers the fastest.    I deleted this card after a while, because it was basically never useful in the situations i was in.


Pretty good card if you draw it in your opening hand.

Very bad.  Is good if you have Hedgehog Drone Permanent.

Very strong.  

Very bad.   

"ok" card for most builds.   I don't get super excited about it.


Strong DD.

Better in enemy decks.   For us, its not as exciting.   We usually have board control.    It is  good if the enemy is crushing you.   However, you will probably use up all your momentum, and then the enemy will still take board control again next turn.

Very strong DD.  good cost-to-dmg.

Pretty good buff card.   Many times you will have hurt followers to use it on.

Good DD.


Very strong.   You only really want one of these.

Could be good, but is pretty expensive to play.

Not sure how this construct works if 1000 Cuts is the only card left in the deck, if it draws first and you take dmg, or if the copy is made first and then drawn.    Either way you would take dmg the next turn anyways. 

Good buff card, even though it can buff enemies.

Weak card.   Doesn't help you maintain board control.   Does little dmg.

Weak card.   Weakness is weak.   hehe.    For 4 momentum you can usually just kill an enemy with a DD card.  This card at most debuffs the enemy.  Maybe it kills the enemy if its the only card on the board, but that is a very unlikely scenario.    4 cost is just very high for an HP debuff.

If you have good followers on the board, this card becomes totally useless as a debuff even.


Weak Mythic card.   The cost is high and the effect is only situationally good.

Pretty good mythic.   This new version is a lot better than it used to be.

Pretty good mythic.   It works well if you already have board control and can now use your followers to clear the stunned enemies.

I've been running 30 convoy decks for a long long time now.   It basically happened when the # of wounds before death was changed to 1 (which was ages ago).     Before that, I could run a totally static deck (the same cards could just stay in forever, and get healed at town).   With a static deck I really tried to optimize it, and ran relatively small decks.

Nowadays bigger decks are just better.   And you make substitutions after almost every single fight.    There is no point in optimizing a follower deck really hard, since you will just switch out everything that got wounded.

Bigger decks are also good for other reasons:

1.  You can cycle convoy cards pretty much all  you want, looking for followers that better fit the current amount of momentum.

2.  You will always be able to run the enemy out of cards before you run out of cards.      (pretty much biggest reason to run 30 cards)

There are also many followers that I value about the same amount.  Those all get subbed in for each other.   If i value all my followers nearly the same amount, then I might as well put in 30.     There are a couple followers that are a bit stronger than others, but not enough to really worry about.  I have no special "need" to draw these followers very fast.

If i don't have really important, very powerful followers, then I don't need the deck to be small.   Every one of my 30 followers is "good".   None of them are super amazing.    I don't need to make sure i draw my "power cards" quickly.     I just need to make sure i draw a follower at the start with 3 momentum cost.   

I noticed this right away when i used "Reserves".    I looked to see if i could tell apart the copy and the normal card, and the name thing jumped out.

For the other cards, it didn't influence my feedback much.   In my 30 follower deck, the chance of drawing the shuffled cards, is very small.  Pretty sure I would just finish most fights without seeing them.

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Starting deck:

I think the starting deck is looking a lot better now. 

Hide is still weak at 1 cost.   Its very hard to find useful targets for this card.

Reinforce is an ok addition.  It combines well with Preparation.  

Light Blast is a good starting card.

Rally is still weak.   I removed this card from my deck during my run.

Disrupt is quite expensive for 2 dmg, but its still nice to have something that hits all enemies.

Heavy Slug is quite good, even though it gives 2 cards to an enemy.


I still don't really like this card.   The decks that I run are very large.   Making copies that go into the deck does not serve much of a point.  Maybe someone else will have an interesting plan for it, running some small deck with power cards to copy.


Blinding Spray is a lot better now, after the buff.   The Blackout utility can also be quite useful.    I like it.

Exposure is quite strong.   I like it.

Still has bad wording.   I have not used this card, but it looks pretty good.    I'll have to test how it actually plays.

Storm Signal seems very risky card to play.   I think its pretty bad.    It only slowly pays for itself, unless you are drawing more cards than normal.     It is a large initial investment in Momentum.


My favorite of this group.    It is a fun card.    It makes you think about building your deck around it.    In the right deck it will be strong.   In the wrong deck it will not do much.

This card seems weak.   I guess it lets you copy legendary followers, or some other good follower.   But the cost is high.   You end up paying 2 Momentum more than the follower card normally costs.

Well, its a strong bomb.    But probably too strong for me to use it.    Hurting your leader and followers, means you can't use this bomb in any but the most dire situations.   Otherwise you are just hurting yourself too much.    Leader dmg makes this a bad card.   (at 3 dmg it doesn't clear everything)   Though i guess this is your only board clear option.

I like the Panic Projector.   Its a bit of a weak drop early on.   But if you already have board control then this is quite good.

Seems like a bigger version of Mobilize.    I don't see myself ever using this.   The cost is very high.   You need to be winning the game already to be using 5 momentum for something like this.


A follower stealing card?!   Awesome.   Not only steals it but buffs it too.    The cost is high, but it should be.   I like this card, it feels Mythic.

The conditions on this card make it really hard to use.  It costs 5 Momentum, which is quite high.  You'd have to be copying something really big for it to be worth it, and then on top of that, you would need an empty hand.     It seems weak to me.

That's a lot of discard.    Could be quite strong.     Seems good.

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Faster leveling for Leader.  

Better chance of Rare encounters.

Machine conversion - Turn all followers gained into Drones (commons turn into Drone commons, rares turn into Drone rares)

Beast conversion - Turn all followers gained into Beasts

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I like the idea.

Introduces some progression.  This will also allow people who are losing a lot, to feel like they are still getting somewhere.    (Hope the game stays pretty hard)    And then maybe the convoy buffs will let them beat the game on a higher difficulty.

I don't think "Complete the game on Hard" should be a condition.   More like "complete the game on Normal".     I just feel like Hard Difficulty should be more of a final goal, and perks should help you get there.  If you already achieve the final goal to get the perk, then the perk is far less useful.

I like multiple perks more than 1 perk.

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Oooh  i was wrong.    

I don't like the idea of having to pay more food to move around, even if it makes sense since there are more mouths to feed.   Getting rid of followers would be nice, since you don't have much control about who joins.  You just kinda say "yes" to followers wanting to join, and only afterward do you find out what those followers actually are.

(But really, convoys of 60+ are not at all "doomed".  I always finish with more than that.)

As far as I know.... big convoys require the exact same amount of food to walk around, than small convoys.    I've noticed no difference.   I run around with 100+ followers in my convoy and its all the same.

Food usage seems to go up slightly on each new map, but you also get more food.

Weird, never seen that card not spawn a beast.  It can spawn in other rows.

As far as the cover thing goes, I think its more strategic the way it is now, where you can't attack when you have stuff blocking you. (in front of you)  You can use units in the other rows to clear that obstacle, since they are not blocked, or use some direct damage cards.

Somewhat updated for the new patch.   Will probably edit it more.

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Hey Helix,

If you haven't already, you should check out the Nowhere Prophet Discord server.  

You can now read all the beta channel comments too, in case you want to see stuff about upcoming things.

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When you say pillaging a town, is that an option when entering (i think i recall something like that vaguely) or an option you have every time?

Its a pretty frequent encounter.   Its this one:

Always has 2 Hope items and 2 equips.    (unless the dev changes it sometime in the future)

As for the wound system, you mean a card essentially has 2 hp, one as a buffer and then next time it dies? Or just if it dies, that it?

Its just like the wound system now.  Right now you can get 3 wounds, and on the 4th death, the follower dies permanently.   In the new system, you only get 1 wound, and then if the follower dies again, it dies permanently.     Also, as an additional evil, all the followers that have 1 wound also get -0/-1 in battle, meaning they have 1 less HP than normal.

And yes, because of this you have to sit out your favorite followers a lot of the time, because you don't want them to die.     But you wanted to be scared of your followers dying?  Right?   :D

Really its pretty fun, and if we get more recruiting in the future, then you will still get to customize your deck a lot, even when having to sit out some favorites.

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Hi new person.

Quite frankly, I can't enough. I wish the game didn't end where it does currently so I could make my mind up about resources, and units quantities. Currently, after 8 runs (all "victories" as far as we can go) I'm still unsure what to make of the supply system, most of the time I end up with 200+ batteries by the end, and not much to buy, i always buy every unit I can, as it makes sense to, every hope resource and any equipment I want. Generally, the only supply I have issue with is hope. That really depends on shop listings, but given that I often travel to every location with little effort that isn't an issue most of the time. Not had a unit "die" to date. I'd like to see that as an actual threat, but again, not enough maps to test that.

I'm totally with you, 2 maps are not enough.   In the Beta right now we get to play on 3 maps, its way better, and i still want MORE.  I played the version a lot, and I also never lost, but I can now report that i have Died 2 times while playing the beta version.   

If Hope is an issue for you, you need to start Pillaging every town.  Pillaging a town gives you 2 Hope items every time.  I've never run out of Hope... in errr 30 runs?  hehe.

Not sure I am supposed to talk too much about beta changes, but the dev has said this before, in the beta version you only get 1 wound before your follower dies permanently...  so you WILL have followers dying, and you will even choose to let followers die (the ones you don't care about)

As far as units go, there are a few I always put in decks, anything that spawns an additional unit, anything with stealth, SNIPER. I cannot stress how much I love the concept of sniper units, even if they are a tad weak, they are so helpful. Buffs. Not the +1 attack guy, he usually has little efficiency given how quick the enemy kills units (thats a bit of a bugbear, Id like to see less spells and more units from enemies, and not just zero or 1 mana units). Taunt is interesting, but certainly not useful at the moment, given the damage spam most enemies bring. Why waste mana on a taunt to protect a unit when its going to be killed anyway? Just play 2 threats instead. I don't like how the threshold for enemy fleeing seems random, sometimes I hit them once and they leg it, sometimes not at all. I can't see a difference either, so I usually let them go. If there were a larger reward for finishing them , i would. If there already is, it isn't noticeable right now.

Its good feedback.  Most of this is stuff I've said.  (actually all of it is.  which means its smart feedback   :D )  Pretty much every one of those things is already addressed and should be fixed in the next update.    And yes, in the version, there is no difference in reward if you chase down an enemy, so you should always let them run away. (which also lets you recruit)

I'd like to see more customization for the commander deck, mostly in the form of being able to remove cards.  Streamlining is critical in games like this, yes I know we can swap a card every turn, and this is a huge boost to efficiency, but I don't want so many of the early cards, I'd consider perhaps just a menu that allows you to add/remove leader cards. For example, there are equipment cards I like to use, just don't like the additional cards that come with it. Or I want 1 but not the other. Pulling these "chaff" cards means I have to waste my redraw on them, instead of trying for a mana efficient card or critical spell. I understand there must be negatives and struggle, but these should be against the enemy, not my deck.

Hehe, I also want this.    (The dev already knows my feelings on this    :D    )

I like the rest mechanic, but I feel that, within the game we have currently, its too easy to heal units and prevent deaths, there isn't ever any real threat. I think 3 lives is fairer than 4, that way, there is at least the possibility of a bad run without much resting, and actually losing units. 

Yup.  Should change soon.

I would like a bit of choice in some of the events, or at least some more information. "you lost x followers" is my biggest concern, I'd like to choose when i send a unit to its death, or scout, or whatever the encounter flavour is. At the very least, tell me which unit was killed or deserted, or whatever, instead of me having to search and see if I lost a critical unit.

I didn't enjoy this part either, just randomly losing 3 followers to an event.  I still don't like it.  Nowadays however, I know all the events and I just don't do stuff that gets me instant losses.  (there are two events you can get just by walking around... those really suck)

I realise I made a lot of negative points, but I made them out of a genuine concern for this game. It has all the makings of honestly, one of my favourite games full stop. An FTL like game with cards, encounters, deckbuilding, interesting locales and people, its amazing. I mean no disrespect when I mention the flaws, its just my criticisms as I want to see this game shine, I believe it could be the next FTL easily, and look how acclaimed that was. I think you have the makings of a legendary game, I want to help shape that.

Totally agree.  I love this game.   :D

More ideas:

Interdimensional Slap - (1 momentum) 1 damage to target, target is moved to a random location.

In the Shadow we Grow - (2 momentum) Your followers that are behind cover gain +2/+2

Lure - (1 momentum) Target gains Taunt and +0/+1.
I know this card already exists.....  I just want a buff  haha.

Woah, only one wound?  Can they still die or is it just a stat penalty?  If they die at just one wound I feel like that might change the game quite a bit...

Yup, they still die, if they die with 1 wound on them, they die permanently.   It does make the game feel a lot different.  Its harder to make your deck of favorite followers, because they keep getting wounded, and then you have to sit them out.

I still like it a lot.   The beta version is funner, and meaner.

 I will say though, I have played a lot of TCGs and you ALWAYS want the smallest deck allowed.  Going over the minimum cap inevitably leads to inefficiency and lower performance, so theres that to consider too. 

While this is true for other games, its not really the case in this game.

In this game you don't want the smallest deck allowed.

In this game you can go run around with 1 follower, but that's obviously a terrible idea.   I like how there is no minimum number of followers, and how you really Don't need a minimum.   If you run around with a very tiny deck, with all the best followers, your deck will either do really well, or it will run out of cards, in which case you die.  (soon you might even take dmg each turn for running out of cards)

The Recycle feature (that you can use every turn) also has a huge effect.   You can choose to run a bigger deck, and then have the freedom to keep using Recycle every turn, to freely draw for cards that favor you in a certain position.  If you play a very tiny deck, you can't go discarding many cards, for fear that you will run out.

You can have as many copies of 1 card as you want.  You can run as many copies of Power Cards as you want.  Therefore you are not really "watering down your deck" when you have a decently large deck, because its just many copies of the same very powerful cards.

I knew I wouldn't be the only one to want more access to the Leader deck.  In every card game like this, people will always want the ability to fully customize their decks.  Always!

Its just more fun when you can set up combos between cards.  

It sucks when you draw cards that you don't like, and can't remove them from the deck.

I don't think the Leader deck needs to be static and stable, just to be different from the follower deck.  There are already differences between the Leader deck and the Follower deck.  

Even if you gave us full access to edit the Leader deck, we wouldn't fiddle with it as much as with the follower deck.  Because there is no need to.  With the follower deck you need to constantly swap out wounded followers (talking about beta version), and put in new recruits.  With the Leader deck, you would basically only alter your deck if you gain a new card, or if you need to change your strategy and overhaul your deck.

I don't really think that by allowing editing, it makes the game a lot "more complex".   With card games like this, people are already very much used to being able to edit decks.

Further ideas:

Deathly Conversion: (2 momentum cost)  Deal 2 damage to target, if follower is killed, add follower to  your hand

Bulldozer (0 momentum cost) - Move an obstacle to any location on the battlefield (including enemy side)

Infest (3 momentum cost) - turn an obstacle into a follower, follower gains +2/0

Poke (1 momentum cost) - Target follower's Fury ability is triggered twice

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Roulette (1 momentum cost) - Destroy a random follower

Hehe, my suggestion already exists as a card!   Its called "Blind Shot".   I saw eeet.

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I'd like an option to decrease the time required to hover over a card before the large version pops up. It feels very slow right now. This MAY be because I am playing on an old Mac mini / potato, but everything else feels so smooth, I don't think that's the case.
It is currently set to 0.75 seconds but will be reduced to 0.5 seconds in the next major update. I am also considering shifting the display of the card away from the pointer.

I'd rather the tooltip never showed up when you are hovering above a card, I would much rather use the right mouse button to bring up the tooltip / big version.   

Really I basically never want the bigger version.  I already know what the cards and abilities do, and I can read them all fine on the smaller version.  Its easier to select and deselect cards when a tooltip isn't in the way.

I get all of them.  The only time I don't get them, is when the enemy runs away before I get to attack them.  I kill them before I start killing the enemy.

The one I don't get, is the one that gives me +1 momentum in battle.  I usually don't care about this one at all.  It is not worth wasting an attack on.


  1. Kill enemy followers
  2. Get crates
  3. Kill enemy
Difficulty - 
I think the difficulty level of the game is pretty tough as of now. I know its a rougelike and its supposed to be challenging but i think the AI difficulty level scales up considerably once you get to the second map and becomes REALLY hard. I've played this game about 8 times and have only finished till the end of the early access campaign twice.  60% on losses due to resources, 40% due to battle.

Interesting.  I think this game is easy right now.  I've played the first 2 levels a ton of times, and maps 3+4 a ton of times, and I have yet to die or lose a battle.   I don't even have to heal, and I finish the game fine.  Its good that the dev gets feedback like yours, if the dev only gets feedback from people like me, then he'd probably be tempted to ramp up the difficulty a lot.

Sometimes when starting a few of the first points on the map the "enter combat mode" screen freezes which forces the player to exit to the menu manually. When trying to load from this position, the save state is corrupted, not allowing you to pick up where you left off. If you had a good start, this can be a bummer. Probably a bug but i figured was worth mentioning. Otherwise, after the first couple of points of the map are reached, this doesn't happen at all and saving works fine.

I've never had this happen.  Sounds like its specific to your system.   Maybe send him a bug report, with some game logs?

Overall I'm really LOVING the game though. I never leave feedback like this for games in dev but i can see myself playing this game a lot upon its final release. Really excited to see the final product and evolution of the game!

Me too.


At the bottom of screen where it shows the followers, make critically wounded followers (3 wounds) stand out more.

Right now there are 3 shades of red.  This looks nice, but it is very hard to tell the difference between the shading.  Like when you have some followers with 1 wound and one follower with 2 wounds, I go and see if that follower has 3 wounds.   When you don't have all 3 shadings showing up, its sometimes hard to know which ones are there.  

Mostly I want to just easily see if there is a critically wounded one, so I know to swap them out.

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The most obvious ones are probably some simple "gain keyword X" cards. These would need to be valuable enough to see play though, and there's already criticism for the existing Gain Taunt cards.

I like the idea of cards that give abilities.  The criticism for the Gain Taunt cards, is there, because Taunt is pretty much unimportant in the game right now.

Taunt is not really working to "protect" your low HP cards.  The Taunt follower with its large HP pool is supposed to protect your other low HP followers that have lots of attack strength or special abilities.

But the problem is threefold: 

  1. The enemy decks have tons of small direct damage cards.  They don't need to kill your Taunt follower to get to the 6/2 follower, they just murder your 6/2 follower with a simple direct damage card.
  2. The other followers you have, don't have abilities that make them especially important to have on the board.  (There are things like First Strike, that you would want to protect, but you rarely even have these cards)
  3. I never lose board control.  Well, almost never.   When I end my turn, the enemy followers are always dead or pose no threat, and I have followers on the board.  So why would I need Taunt, when followers won't be attacking next turn.  There are not many units that can attack on the turn they get into play.

Playing cards like Berserker and a Taunt card to keep the enemy followers away, is not a viable strategy.   Followers with 2 HP still have a very low chance of survival.

Followers with 1 HP  - Extremely iffy survival

Followers with 2 HP - Small chance of survival.     There are still 5 different cards in enemy decks that do 2 damage.  (if not more)

Followers with 3 HP - Decent chance of survival.    3 HP is ideal right now.   Yes, they can still get removed by some of the bigger damage cards, but enemies will have to pay the price.   Bigger removal cards cost a good amount of momentum, and you will feel perfectly happy when an enemy uses a Rend card, just to remove your 2/3 Initiate follower.

I just found a new Rare follower, that i have never seen before!   Here it is:

As the game is right now, I would not play this card.

  1. It gives Taunt, which I don't need.  
  2. It has only 2 HP     (survival chance of a 4 momentum drop is important)

So basically I will be putting this follower into the T3 group in my Cards and Strategies thread.

Edit: My evaluation my be wrong if you get tons of cards later that combo with Taunt cards, then Taunt may act a bit like Armor, setting up combos.  (Armor also has some synergistic cards)

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But on the other hand, hacking something in there for endless testing might be an idea. But still, I'd like to stick to the game as is for now and concentrate on the content. And the next major release will add another map.

If it doesn't take long to put in, it would be great to have for now.   Maybe a "Continue at the beginning" button at the "First Access" end screen, and your character gets plopped back into the 1st map.  Dunno how much work that would take.  If it takes a significant time to implement, then it is probably not worth it for you.

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Leadership cards

Explosive Armor (1 momentum cost) - Lose all armor, deal damage equal to armor lost to target

Gauntlet Bash (2 momentum cost) - Gain 2 armor, deal 2 damage to target

Roulette (1 momentum cost) - Destroy a random follower

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Endless mode would be nice.  Right now, its very very hard to get away from the starter deck.  You basically spend most all of your time playing with the same starter deck followers.  There are other cards out there for you to discover, but since they rarely ever show up, the game will be finished before you can actually get totally away from your starter deck. (can never escape the starter leader cards)  Then you start a new game, and your deck is again the same.

I sometimes still cheat myself into levels 3 and 4 (sorry), just so I get to play longer.  The longer you play, the more you can really customize.  Some of my late game decks were really fun, because they were totally different than the starter deck.  

Of course the new starter class will also make the early game fun again.   But an endless mode would help too.  Even if it just gives you Pit Nine for every milestone.

I am super excited about other character classes, and having different followers at the start of the game.

Can't wait!

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My ideas got shot down!   :D     

Abilities are hard to balance.

This requires putting that number somewhere easily visible on the follower - which I'd rather not do

I think it would look nice in the space between the Attack and HP.   Would make the attack-regen-hp look like a multicolored pill at the bottom of your follower  :D   But I can understand not wanting to change the game like that.

That would weaken the ability tremendously, I think probably make it useless? But it is an option.

Well you wouldn't have a momentum cost anymore.  Its a totally different kind of ability.  Your regen follower would no longer sit at 1HP endlessly.  An auto-healing ability is pretty favorable in my view.  I am pretty sure this auto-healing requiring 0 momentum, is stronger than 2 momentum cost on the regen that you have now.

I'm thinking an easy attempt at fixing it is raising the cost to a flat 2 Momentum. I'll give that a try.

As it is right now, to be relatively sure that it won't die, I leave 1 momentum unspent, per turn. (the enemy has still cleared my follower once or twice by using two damage cards)  Its the downside of regen, otherwise I can be pretty sure the enemy will clear my 1HP follower.   But leaving 2 Momentum unspent?  Just to make sure that my regen follower will survive 1 possible hit?  I doubt that I will do this.  The difference between 1 and 2 is too large.   It will even make me question whether I should even even attack a creature during my own turn, and spend 2 momentum for it.    But it is a fast fix, maybe it will work.

Nowhere Prophet community · Created a new topic Regen
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Regen is too strong.  Possible changes to Regen.

  1. Put a hard cap on how many times a follower can regenerate.  The card would say stuff like "Regen 2" or "Regen 1".  Basically a counter for how many times something can regenerate.  The number would just count down as they are used, so you can easily see what you have left.  This wouldn't really need a momentum cost anymore, though it could stay too.   Having a counter is not too convoluted, and can be easily explained.
  2. Have regenerate not save you from death.  Make it so regenerate just "regenerates health" over time.  For example like this: for every card you play, any followers with regenerate, gain 1 HP.  Or they just regenerate health per turn.
  3. Make it so it costs more, each time you regenerate.  This is not really my favorite solution, but it would solve the problem and still make sense.

I like the first one the most.

And then add cards like "Turn undead" - "follower gains Regen 2"

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When using "Heal Wounds" to heal your followers, how many wounds does it actually heal?

I thought at first that it healed 1 wound on every follower.  But later on, when I had an insane amount of followers, I noticed that this is definitely not the case.  

I did 3 heals, and barely any of my followers got healed.  If it healed all of them of 1 wound each time, all of them would have been cured.


Flying units can't fly over their allied units, only over enemy units?  Seems a bit strange to me.

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  • What are your favorite cards? 
  • What are the most overpowered cards?
  • Whats the best equipment?
  • What cards are terrible?
  • Have you made any fun decks?
  • Have you discovered some super rare card you have never seen before?

*work in progress*

General tips:

  • On your turn, don't be scared to hit followers that have First Strike.  That effect only applies on the enemy's turn.
  • Recycle cards until you are blue in the face.  You get to recycle one card per turn, why not use it and see if you can't get your favorite card.

These are the followers I have found:

Rating the followers:  

T1 - the best

There are a ton of good Rare and Legendary cards.  I don't want to list them all.  But will you actually be able to find many of them?  Its pretty unlikely.

  • The Tireless (Legendary)

The Tireless - Probably the best follower.   Its legendary.

T2 - the OK/Good

Everything not in the other lists

T3 - the bad
  • Ghram pup
  • Ghram rager
  • Scion Emissary
  • Dreaming God Herald
  • Elite Crusader

    Its not that the low momentum cards on this list have terrible stats, but you start with 3 momentum, not 1 momentum.  3 momentum cards suddenly become really favorable.   Usually you don't want to waste a whole card, just to put a 1/1 on the board.

    Scion Emissary - You have to keep paying for it, or you have to take damage.  Both options are terrible.   This is the worst Legendary.   Its OK for an enemy deck however, since enemies don't have to worry about keeping damage they take to a minimum.

    Dreaming God Herald - Anything that hurts you, is probably bad.  Has 2 more attack than a normal 5 drop.  Its a pretty bad Rare.

    Machine Guard - Not a good rare.  This might be an OK follower for an enemy drone deck...  But there is no way you will have the drone deck to make this card really work.   A normal 5 drop comes in as a 6/6.   To make this card better than that, you have to have 3 other drones on the board.  The chance of that happening is near zero.

    Elite Crusader - Its a cool ability, but will it ever do anything?  With the stats of 6/5, it will probably kill whatever follower it attacks.  So what is the stun doing?   Nothing.   Since the ability is doing nothing, the follower is a bad Rare card.  A normal 5 drop will give you a 6/6 follower, which ends up being better than this 6/5 follower.

    These are the Leader cards I have found:

    Rating the Leader cards:  

    T1 - the best

    There are many good Leader cards.  But many of them are quite rare or exist only in enemy decks.  I'll try to talk only about the ones you can actually have a decent chance of getting.

    • Rash Strike

    Rash Strike.  Ridiculously good if you are playing a deck with smaller followers.   Kill an enemy and give all your followers buffs..... 

    T2 - the OK/Good

    Everything not in the other lists

    T3 - the bad
    • Living Shield
    • Fearless
    • Inspiration
    • Protect
    • Stone Chakra
    • In Our Sights
    • Coordinated Fire
    • Whirlwind Surge

    Living Shield.  Its still bad.  It gives more armor now, but still bad.

    Fearless - You spend a card, 2 momentum, so that you can do 4 damage to yourself.  Unless the fight you are doing is some sort of boss fight where you expect to take heavy damage, this is pointless.   in a game where it is super hard to heal, you should not hurt yourself.  Most battles should all end with 0 HP lost.

    Inspiration - Spend 2 momentum just for an extra Leader card.   No thanks.   Even with the cost now at 2 momentum, it is still not good.  You can only have 4 Leader cards, you just don't burn through enough Leader cards to make this worth it.  You will always be spending momentum on both Follower cards and Leader cards.  There will be many times where you will use Leader cards just because you are already at the 4 card maximum.

    Protect - Its too high of a momentum cost, spending this much momentum on a turn, just for armor, is just not good.  Some of the low cost Armor cards are OK now.  They let you gain some Armor without any real cost.  There will be times when you just want to use some Leader Cards because you have 4 already, and 0 and 1 cost armor cards are great then.  

    Madman's Curse - Spend 3 momentum for a construct that hurts me?  No.   If my health were replenished at the start of every fight, I'd consider it, but even then, its not good.     This has a lower momentum cost now, but hurting yourself is just plain bad.

    In Our Sights - This is still a terrible card, even now that it costs less.      Exhausting your followers just to damage to one target, is already bad.  Spending 4 momentum and a card to do it, is no good.       Lets say you have 2 followers on the board that can act (reasonable assumption while winning)  This card will do 4 damage, but cost you 4 momentum, and cost you the turn of your followers.   What's worse is, it only works while  you are already winning.  If you have no followers out there, the card is totally useless.

    Coordinated Fire - Its way better than before, but I still don't get much good use out of it.   It still only helps you, when you are already winning (have refreshed followers on the board) and is utterly useless while you are losing.  When I draw this card, I end up waiting to use it, and the correct time never arrives.  In the end i just recycle the card.   This pretty much shows its not a good card.   (its useful very rarely)

    Whirlwind Surge - Would you really play this thing?  I mean, it could shut down an enemy that plays only small followers, but.. its not a very safe play.   You basically could play it when you are already winning, but why?   If your followers on the board die, then you'd have to play high HP followers, that will now take damage, and you'd probably pick up more wounds than if you had not played this card.   Maybe its good in some sort of super tailored deck where you murder the enemy with damage spells....   but that's just not a viable way to play right now.

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    Obstacles don't protect characters from things...

    But they do, enemy followers have to hit the obstacle first to get to your follower.  I have hidden a sniper behind an obstacle.  It was the Explorer (the one with the dev's face on it), one of the only two I have been able to recruit.  Unless they are using a leader skill card to target your follower.  Is that what you mean?  Leader skill cards can always target all things, whether cloaked, or hiding behind things.

    and ranged characters other than snipers can't fire around them. 

    There are no other "ranged" characters besides followers with "sniper". (only ones with flying, and those can also shoot over them)  So I don't know that you mean.

    Melee characters on the other team can hit the character behind the obstacle just fine.

    No they can't.   I don't understand.  I have never seen followers hit through obstacles unless they had flying or snipe.  If they can, you have to report it as a bug.   (the only thing you can attack through, is a follower with stealth, because those aren't blocking)

    I don't mean to pick on you for this obstacle/cover thing, but I just can't figure out why you don't think it works, or what you mean by those statements.


    I thin my deck out before leaving the starting camp, usually to 15 or 12 cards, holding back almost all the 5 cost and most of the 4 cost cards. I keep usually one 4 Momentum card and one Warrior Monk, a 5, but I focus my deck on 2s and 3s. Depending on draws, I usually keep it cheap and fast. For equipment and skills I look for Armor and low cost abilities, I avoid the machine gun and the beam laser and they usually don't pay off for me.

    Oh, you like to play really low cost decks.  I love low cost decks too, but only later, once I gain some followers that let you do cool strategies.  For example, a deck that uses Zealots (love Zealots), and small followers:

    Another low cost deck I love,  is one that is focused around Blue Devil Recruit (also one of my favorite cards in the game)

    Since they can regenerate on your turn and on the opponent's turn, they are nearly invincible. and once you buff them, they destroy everything.

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    On another note, I think the obstacles could be enhanced by providing a form of cover for cards behind them. The game is considering them as under the player's control, if I have a creature behind one it cannot attack it because "only the creature farthest in front may attack." Similar to taunt, obstacles could protect characters behind them from creature and commander attacks, aside from fliers or special commander attacks. 

    This is already in the game.  It just happens that you have always been playing melee followers.  There are followers with the Sniper ability.  Those followers can shoot from behind rocks and behind other followers.  There are also flying units, (flying ability) that ignore obstacles.

    Some of the Beast cards, at least, aren't balanced the same way the player cards are. For example, the Ghram Rager costs 1 Momentum for a 1,1 and it has Charge, a powerful ability that is the equivalent of a free turn. To get a refresh, the player needs to spend a card that, from what I've seen costs momentum and penalizes the target card. 

    You think Beast cards are overpowered?   I find them quite comparable to the other cards.  I recruited some Ghram Ragers, I didn't even put them in my deck, I had better things.  It is a 1/1, so you are wasting a whole card, to put a 1/1 on the board.  The only thing it trades well against, is if an enemy drops a 3/1 or 4/1 follower.    I think its quite easy to keep board control in fights against Beast enemies.

    Enforcer seems well balanced at 5 for a 6,6 with an ability that troublesome, AND it can't get onto the table for a couple turns even if the player takes advantage of obstacle benefits.

    Enforcer is one of the most Overpowered cards in the game.  The ability it has (damaging stuff around it) is actually a huge bonus.  Being able to clear obstacles with it, and thus open up new lanes for followers to use, saves you from attacking your own obstacles.  A 6/6 for 5 momentum is already ridiculous...  and then it has a very good ability.  I include Enforcers in every deck I've made.    I once had 6 of them in my deck at one time.   

    Tiny suggestion:

    Please change the coloring on the recycle button to reflect whether you already used it.  It is always gray, though it does change to a nice blue when you drag your card on it.

    Maybe green for unused, and gray for used.

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    The lack of food is making me a bad person.     (I know I talked about food before, but its funny what it is doing to my playstyle)

    The first time I played this game, I got my Altruist level up into the 30s.

    But now......  All I want is Fooooood.       I save poor villagers under attack from evil men with guns, and afterward?  I attack (pillage) the villagers!!!!   Whyy?  Because i Neeed FOood!   (also sometimes you get followers, Pillaging is the best)

    I get a choice to attack some Rusters, or sneak past....  Attaaaack, what if they have food, I bet they could have food!!

    I see a Mineral Springs in the distance (Hint: Has an opportunity to heal).   I don't want healing!  Healing costs food!   I want fooood!  

    I run around like a ravenous animal.   I get super excited when a beast enemy drops 50 food.    Foooood.   


    I mean, I guess it is sorta realistic.   When you are a Prophet, with many followers, trekking through the desert, sometimes (all the time) you have to steal food from poor people, to keep your crazy group alive.

    Chase down an enemy?  Let the enemy flee?

    At the moment, letting an enemy flee is by far the best option.  It is never worth it to chase down an enemy and kill them.  When you let an enemy flee you get a chance to recruit them.  This fact alone makes "let the enemy flee" always the better choice.  Also, you still get loot when you let them flee.  You seem to get the same amount of loot by letting them flee, than when you "chase them down".   

    The menu to "Let them flee" or "chase them down" is inconsistent.  Most all of the time "Let them flee" is the first option, but sometimes, rarely, it is the second option.  This makes it so I can hit the wrong options if i play fast.  

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    The reward for "The Face" is to get your face on one of the follower cards in the game, right?

    What if you use a picture of yourself as a toddler? 

    What if the follower turns out to be super bad, and your face is on it?   :D

    I already purchased the normal version of the game for 20 dollars, but I can still buy "The Face" in the store for 80 dollars on the same account?

    (2 edits) you would skip an entire map and  go beyond the current limit for the early access. You've thus seen content you weren't meant to see :D

    Oh it skipped the Spaceport.  That explains how I was on the 3rd node here.

    It was a happy accident and I liked being able to play more maps.  Maybe there was unfinished stuff, but it was definitely very playable.  I didn't run into any game breaking stuff.  I got to level more, and see more different kinds of cards and enemies.

    I try to make my games last really long.   I do every single battle, and pillage every town.