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I use visual novel maker or Renpy I'm not sure.

thank you!

Hello, Rachel. I was wondering if I can request a GUI pack, I'm creating a VN based on sewing and the color theme is pink and teal. 

Leave all your suggestions here but, please be respectful  or else ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

Adventures of Yi community · Created a new topic Bugs

Please report all bugs here.

Hi there.

Does the game have to be new and can it be an RPG maker game?

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback  I'm fixing everything you've highlighted, as far as the description for the quest the plugin seems to do that for whatever reason. I have tried to fix it numerous times but no luck. 

Hello! I uploaded my first game, Adventures of Yi, about a year ago I got a couple of downloads but, no feedback. I have playtested it myself but, I need another person's perspective. It's free to download and the link is here:

I don't know if this post is still active but here's mine

I'm self taught and this is my second year of making music. I mainly post music from my game but I do make royalty free music from time to time.

My best work is The Chase

You are not too late, I've sent you an email earlier today. 

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I'm working on my first RPG Adventures of Yi. I am looking for someone to edit my script for my game, it is 2480 words and 19 pages.  I need it edited and completed by March the 15th. I would greatly appreciate if any of you could help me proofread the game (especially if English is your first language). If you're up for it, please let me know! To protect both of our privacy I will link a Google form to fill out instead of using emails.

Do we have to buy it again when the final release comes out?